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Getachew Reda’s Interview with BBC HardTalk


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) spokesperson, Getachew Reda, had an interview with BBC Hard Talk Host, Stephen Sackur. 

As he has been doing in the past, he blamed the situation in Tigray on what he called “Amhara expansionist forces and the Eritrean regime.” 

He also said that the TPLF forces would not withdraw from Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia and  had many more things. Take a listen. 

Video/ Audio : Embedded from R17 Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Good for you, getish. Now for the real hard talk in th field. I hope you will not meet the fate of your unfortunate friends – seyoum mesfin, abay tseahiye, etc. Hard talk or Dirty talk…

  2. O my goodness! What happened to BBC? Does Stephen Sackur still his job? My, oh my! I could not believe BBC let one of its reporters to have such heated interview with one of the goons of the TPLF. I am still just dumb-founded, shocked, speechless and at the end of it all thunderstruck. What happened?

  3. Dear Stephen Sackur, I thank you very much for your pure journalism profession, free and clear questions to the Tigray People’s Liberty Front spokesman person, Getachew Reda. In relation to Ethiopia [Tigray crisis], I heared dozens of international media journalists, except very few, all are making interviews inside with TPLF, knowingly pass over the required questions and appreciate whatever crime is made by TPLF. On the contrary, whatever peaceful efforts made by Federal Government of Ethiopia, they didn’t want to give value and simply discouraged for created, falsified and groundless reasons, all of them are working for best interest of terrorist TPLF group and contributing their part for the collapse of Ethiopia. Really! all human having reasonable mind, take in to account what is going on by international medias in relation to Ethiopia crisis. Current Ethiopian political crisis enabled me that, what is mean professional responsibilities specially in relation to international medias and their journalists, for whom are working, what is their target, role, responsibility, what democracy is mean, what are doing democratic government including Western Europe and USA, what humanitarian service and how human right will be interprate in relation to developing countries and other affairs became more clear. So, for any qualities, you’re really professional and I restart to listen BBC because of your pure professional service and as much as possible, other journalists try to learn to be free from siding and discriminative journalism service. Be honest for your profession, rather to be dependant on politicians. Because journalism is a pure profession advocates for truth.
    To say a little about Getachew Reda, he is a man, who lacked moral and human ethics, denied his Amharic identity to gain material benefit and didn’t shamed for his contradict ideas. Currently his mother and father are being suffering for their moralless child. Before years, he abused Oromo Liberty Front/OLF as criminal/terrorist organization and he was the first and most known person working to be evacuate from the country. Surprisingly, while OLF and others recognized as terrorist organization called to come in by Dr. Abiy’s Administration, Getachew Reda and his party/TPLF has opposed and taken it as one point of difference in Ethiopia politics [Ethiopia People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front/EPRDF]. After years by now, Getachew Reda and his terrorist group is working with OLF and it’s why, Getachew Reda is a moralless person.
    In relation to Hardtalk interview, for the raised questions, didn’t gave a proper response. His terrorist group would like to secure his region [Tigray] peace, development on the opposite, don’t respect others’ neighboring regions right to peace and development, organized, sponsored and supported different groups to violate other regions peace and development before the war broken out. Even after the war started, Getachew and his terrorist group is using Tigray People as weapon or instrument at the different arenas, it’s why, asking humanitarian aid, internally used to get military machines, military aid from some irresponsible anti Ethiopian countries. In different war fronts, foreigners found with TPLF soldgers. he’s asking humanitarian assistance, on the opposite preventing or obstackling for humanitarian services by firing stors including closing the road of vehicles. Again and again destroy tele communication, electric, piple lines, broken bridges including Tekeze and now, make it as one negotiation points. Robbed banks, asked to open bank services. For TPLF’s terrorist group, hundred thousands of people displaced and exposed for humanitarian crisis in Amhara and Afar. Moreover, as usual he denied, thousands of children have been forced for military service by the terrorist groups and that is why, the assigned person [Gebre-Yohanis] to force children for military service has killed in Mekale by unknown person. For forced children military service, Tigrian mothers and fathers are making suicide.
    On the otherhand, terrorist TPLF is a criminal group, which raped Amhara’s women, gave drugs in injuction for Amhara People in North Wolo, robbed from cooked food to the banks, hospitals/clinics, animals, cars, shopping materials, fired different factories, churches, schools, sport fields and destroy agricultural lands, individuals house in Amhara and Afar Regions. All these are the truth character and nature of TPLF from its beginning up to now. As different international organizations confirmed that, TPLF is a criminal organization made a genocide in Mai Kadra Amhara People and displaced million Amhara People in its 27 regime in Wolkait/Tegede, Raya and so on. But now, by confusing the international society, it demands to take the prosperous and naturally rich areas of Amhara land. To establish a new Republic of Tigray, it facilitated coridor for its foreign relations, by taking the Amhara land, it’s why, before and after TPLF came to power, Amhara People faced for systematic genocide for the past 40-45 years. It’s why, terrorist group TPLF designed ethnic based politics in Ethiopia, which didn’t respect by itself.
    So, though Stephen Sackur asked very reasonable questions for terrorist TPLF’s spokesman, he didn’t made any response, and in his long experience, gave ambiguous and falsified response. TPLF is a terrorist organization, expansionist, working to crack down Ethiopia, killing thousands innocent people including Tigrians, corrupted, terrorized Ethiopians, working with different terrorist organizations, used terrorism as means of source of fund. In its 27 years of regime, planned and designed, how it would be as international terrorist group, by wearing on government position and at the same condition, to challenge the international society, by assigning TPLF affiliated individuals in different international organizations. It’s why, international medias, humanitarian organizations, human right organizations, Western Governments and USA Governments are attacking the Federal Government of Ethiopia, by siding with TPLF terrorist group, without any legal ground and with the contradiction of the existing realities.

  4. rely your loyal for your porfission now time many journalist far apart their profession dutu many reason I thankyou for stragel to reveled the truth to the world

  5. Real and professional journalism. Right down to the point, truthful, quick and precise interview. Stephen Sackur professionalism is admirable that presented a well balanced and well informed interview. It proved how great Stephen was prepared and done his research, Thank You Mr. Sackur of HARDTALK, for being a real and professional journalist that the world needs today.


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