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AU staffer hailed as “hero” by Africans for Tweets opposing US Hypocrisy vs Ethiopia

AU Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat ( Via DW Amharic )

By Teshome Borago

A rogue African Union (AU) staffer managing AU’s official twitter account has been praised as a “hero” by Africans worldwide on Friday, after a scathing criticism the person posted against Western foreign policy on Ethiopia. However, downplaying the message as “contrary to AU staff rules,” the continental organ apologized and quickly deleted the message, which Ethiopians and other Africans nonetheless appeared to overwhelmingly support. 

Many responded positively to the unnamed AU staffer, claiming the content of his/her message is accurate, despite the undiplomatic language. 

The AU employee posted two deleted messages responding to two key officials of US President Joe Biden’s administration. “That is how you prolong and entrench a war,” wrote the African Union’s staffer first, in response to top US National Security official Jake Sullivan, who threatened sanctions and demanded the Ethiopian government negotiate with the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) rebel group, which is designated as a “terrorist organization” for committing various atrocities, including recently slaughtering 107 ethnic Afar children in early August.

“You mean just like the time you (United States) sat and talked to ISIS and Taliban?Ethiopia can not negotiate with TPLF terrorists,” added the AU staffer, responding to Samantha Powers, another top US official of the Biden administration, whose reckless foreign policies in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Cuba and globally are already unraveling in less than a year. 

Response to this incident came from many corners worldwide, particularly on social media. Popular Nigerian commentator Idris Sanusi said the AU staffer “expressed what is with in (all of) us.”

Kenyan pundit Abduba Guyo responded that African Union should diplomatically support Ethiopia as “TPLF is a threat to the horn of Africa.”

Meanwhile New Zealand based Ethiopian Senait Senay said the rogue AU staffer should be promoted and held as a courageous example on how African Union should deal with Western policymakers.

The AU staffer’s message “encompasses what most of us feel about the patronizing and condescending position the US takes on matters related to Africa all the time,” added Maryland based Doctoral student Mahlet Solomon.

“Someone inside the African Union is tired of the lies of the West,” said Dahla from Eritrea, while Tadesse Kebebew from Geneva, Switzerland added, “It is time for the African Union to emancipate itself from the shackles of neo-colonialism and stand tall.” 

“The ‘Highest Black Excellence’ Medal to the handler of the @_AfricanUnion for fulfilling a Patriotic, Nationalist and Pan-African Duty to the African People,” said Uganda-based @Futurical; while Colorado based Ethiopian-American human rights activist Nebiyu Asfaw labeled the AU staffer a “hero” and EthioTube founder Alemayehu Gemeda said the person should receive “the national medal of honor.”

Despite praising the general message by the AU staffer, some critics said the undiplomatic language used by the unnamed individual might be an attempt of internal “sabotage to undermine AU’s objectivity and undermine the ‘African solutions for African problems” stance of Ethiopia,” according to UK-based international security and governance analyst Blen Diriba. Nonetheless, DC-based political analyst with the Atlantic Council, Bronwyn Bruton, said the widespread favorable reaction to this AU incident displays “how deeply African sensibilities have been offended by the US position on Ethiopia.”

This latest widespread criticism of Western policies on Ethiopia began as Joe Biden’s administration adopted a policy of downplaying atrocities by rebel groups in Ethiopia and imposing economic sanctions on the Addis Ababa government, which has emboldened a cycle of violence and humanitarian crisis in the African country. Instead of condemning atrocities by the TPLF rebels who triggered the conflict, Western media & policy makers are often accused of pushing alternative realities that portray the Tigrayan rebels as harmless victims, often using members of the Tigrayan rebels themselves as sources of evidence that allege unverified human right abuses.

The conflict in northern Ethiopia started on November 4 2020 after the TPLF waged a massive and unexpected terror attack in Tigray province, first killing hundreds of federal security officers and then butchering over 1,200 ethnic Amharas in Maikadra town.  The vicious Tigrayan insurrection forced the Nobel Peace Prize winning Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to respond with force, breaking two years of his government’s restraint against TPLF, which brutally ruled Ethiopia for 27 years and attempted to obstruct historic reforms by Abiy since 2018.

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  1. People who are happy by such immature diplomat are the support he Genocidal dictator Abyi Ahmed. Abyi ahmed is the only leader in the world who invites Eritrean dictators to help him rape, kill, destroy any thing in Tigray. For the last month the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces committed untold crime to Tigray People. Some African friends may known humanitarian catastrophic happened to Tigray people by these child killer dictators.
    Abi ahmed has denied Tigrayans (more than 7 Million People) electricity, bank , telecom, and any humanitarian supplies for the last 9 month.
    you can see the atrocity here

    child killers

    • @Zam,

      So you write in the support the TPLF. the criminal group, the human right abusers, the child killers, the murderous, the thieves, the genocidal warmongers – all of which have been extensively documented and more.

      TPLF has raped, killed and destroyed countless lives – again, all well documented.

      To negotiate with this monstrous group and/or for anyone to put pressure on Ethiopian government to negotiate with this group is highly irresponsible – to say the least.

      The diplomat who said this which otherwise is Bleeding Obvious to any reasonable being – must be rewarded and Promoted!

    • It is like the pot called the kettle black. How about TPLF overthrew the Ethiopian government (Dergue) with the same people (Eritreans) you unashamedly accuse of the PM Abiy government cooperated? How about Meles Zenawi went to fight the government of Somalia just because US gave orders to TPLF? How about your dead leader and TPLF relinquish the Assab port of Ethiopia and 1200 km coastline for a new country with a size of 1/20 of Ethiopia, and rendered 100+ million strong Ethiopia landlocked? The list is too long. You have big mouth with a little brain. As a Tigrean Ethiopian, I am ashamed of you and TPLF, because you are from the land of great Ethiopians Emperor Yohannes and General Alula. I am seriously ashamed of that my beloved Tigray gave birth to you and the mercenary TPLF. TPLF and its supporters are in fact a cancer to Tigray in particular and Ethiopia in general. I think the time has come to cut off that cancer once and for all.
      ቑሩብ ተፀበዩና ሓሙኹሽቲ ጌርና ክንኹስትረኩም ኢና። ህዝቢ ትግራ በብቊሸቱ ኣንፃር ወያኔ ብህቡዕ እናተንቀሳቀሰ እዩ። ህወሃት ብኣፃብትኻ ትቊፀር ማኣልቲያ ተሪፋቶ። ተማሂርና ኢና። ድህር ህጅ ምስዞም ለያቡ ጠጠው ኣይንብልን። ዳርጋ ኣርባኣ ኣመት ከምተፃወቱልና ኣይተርፉን። ሹኡ ኰራኹር ህወሃት ከማኹም ኣይግበረኒ! ትሃቡኡላ መሬት ትፀበኩምያ!

  2. Amerikkka makes and creates terrorists, as they see it fit, who made and trained Osama Binladen for what he was, none other than Amerikkka (CIA), by true definition of terrorism, you don’t have to be an English language professor and or an English language expert to figure out who the terrorist is or who has been terrorizing the world in general, especially the great continent of AFRICA, and therefore AFRICA must make tough decisions, take steps towards freeing AFRICA (ns) from the shackles of white supremacy, European neocolonialism and Amerikkkan hypocrisy, hegemony, white supremacy, racist policy towards AFRICA etc.

  3. Its extremely sad to watch how the westerners and America openly conspire to distroy a poor but proud country like Ethiopia in the name of democracy. How is Ethiopia a threat to democracy and freedom. Any power that preaches to teach what freedom is to Ethiopia may want to refer to its history.

  4. Debre Markos University faculty and staff begin basic military training : according to nostradamus predictions 2021 , amhara region will remain without academic staff and all university will be shut down for the coming 3 decades.
    Amhara mafia elites killed and robbed ethiopians for centuries and sold ethiopian land and its riches to foreigners
    all the staff wil be sent to counter TDF and will perish !

  5. The African Union (AU) staffer/ hero has shown to protect his sworn duty for Africa and Africans affair. This man deserves the biggest award for standing up for truth and Africans interest. In the face of danger, lie and deceit that protects and treats TPLF Terrorist as a noble rebel such bravery and heroism is timely, well received and needed.
    Africans are offended by the international media and humanitarian organizations lies and deceits because they are hurting and endangering the lives of the very group they claim to help and protect. Those groups are serving their own interest and not the poor, hungry or hurt!! Where are they when TPLF Terrorist massacred 240 and more innocent Afar people among them 107 are children? They are not even talking about it!!!!


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