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70 TPLF terrorists killed in Tikur Wuha, says Ethiopian Defense Force

Tikur Wuha _ Ethiopia _ TPLF
Some of the firearms seized f


The Ethiopian Defense Force on Friday said that it has killed 70 Tigray People’ Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorists in Tikur Wuha, close to Woldia city – near  where the rebels forces fought for several days with the hope of controlling the city.  

According to an update released on Friday bythe Defense Force, the TPLF forces were under the leadership of Brigadier General Kebebe Fekadu, who was himself a member of the Ethiopian Defense Force before he deserted to the TPLF when several bases of the Northern Command were attacked in November 2020. 

Several dozens are also captured in the same front.  19 AK 47, 5 sniper rifles and several group assault guns were seized from the operation, as disclosed by the Defense Force.  

The rebel force was part of the deployment initially intended to take control of Woldia city. 

Last week, the rebel operation to control Woldia  failed. TPLF retaliation targeted civilians with artillery shelling. The damage is not yet disclosed in  detail, but it is confirmed that there were human casualties from the artillery attack. 

Earlier this week, the rebel group has suffered other devastating defeats in Sekota, Gaint and Afar region of Ethiopia
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  3. Tell people the truth.
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