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TPLF loses battles in Nefas Mewcha, Woldia and Sekota

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) lost several battles in Nefas Mewucha, Gaint, Woldia and Sekota but the rebel claims that it has controlled Woldia

Tigray _ TPLF _ Ethiopia
Ethiopian Solder in undisclosed battle front (Photo : Ethiopian Defense Force)


Reports emerging from state media , Defense Force and social media indicate that TPLF suffered defeats in several battle fronts in South Gonder, North Wollo and Waghumera zone, Sekota area. 

North Wollo 

The Ethiopian Defense Force on Thursday said the 21st division of the army has reversed TPLF force’s effort to control Woldia city. The retreating force is engaged in the district of Gubalafto and Sanka areas. 

Getachew Reda, TPLF spokesperson, earlier claimed that his forces have controlled Woldia city, which does not appear to be the case based on information from credible sources with links to the city. However, some people left the city a few days ago after the TPLF shelled the city with heavy artillery. 

“The claim by Junta [TPLF] that it has controlled Woldia is false. It is continuing to use disseminating false propaganda as one strategy,” said the statement from the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Sekota, Waghumra Zone 

Sekota, the capital of Waghumra zone, another place where the TPLF faced devastating defeat. Tesfaye Gebre, Deputy head of the Waghumra zone administration, told Amhara Media Corporation that the terrorist forces were defeated in a very short time and forced to retreat. 

Their plan was to control the city and loot government institutions. The militia, Amhara special forces and youth in the city joined hands to reverse the attack.

Mr. Tesfaye hailed the active participation of the youth – both in terms of provision of logistics in the battle and directly taking part  in the battle. 

He also confirmed that in Sekota people are going about their normal activities and businesses are open.

Gaint and Nefas Mewucha

The TPLF forces that headed to South Gondar with the mission to cut off the Woldia-Bahir Dar route and proceed further to north Gonder did not succeed either.

Battle near Nefas Mewcha, according to unofficial social media sources, was a blow to the TPLF terrorists ; it is the Ethiopian parliament that designated them as terrorists. 

The causality, although unspecified, was too heavy. After losing a considerable portion of its forces, the only option was to escape from the region. However, TPLF forces will be facing a problem of getting a corridor to get out from the South Gondar region. If it is retreating further, it will be in North Wollo where it suffered several defeats. 

The Eastern Front 

On the Eastern Front, the TPLF plan to control the route to Djibouti miserably failed. US based propaganda machines of the TPLF, Tigray Media House, indirectly admitted the disastrous defeat in the region. 

Stalin Gebreselassie, one of the key TPLF propagandists, said that the military operation in the Afar region was cancelled after people in the region declined to cooperate with their forces. 

However, the TPLF committed atrocities in the region when it shelled a health facility and school serving as a makeshift shelter for people displaced because of TPLF military military incursions.  Over 200 civilians were killed of which about 107 of them were children.

The Ethiopian government called off the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire earlier this week. People in the region fought alongside the Ethiopian Defense Force and the TPLF is said to have lost thousands of forces in the counter offensive operation. 

Ethiopian National Television showed hundreds of captured TPLF fighters. Some of them are child soldiers. 


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  1. Suck licking of Debre and his goons should go on unabated. The life of that country, that gem of mine and the rest of the colored has never been so in danger. I know most these bigots and college campus orphans want that glorious country to disappear as we know it today. They call that ‘new arrangement, reconstruction from the ground up’. I know for sure what they mean by that. They want to carve out personal fiefdom out of the rearrangement. That is the only way they can get their wishes. Gun slinging and killings of innocent peasants have not worked. After almost 50 years of ‘liberation army’ they have failed and failed miserably. What they all should know and understand is Amhara cannot survive by itself. Oromia cannot sustain itself and survive by itself. Tigray? Don’t start with me on that one. Debre and his goons know that very, very well. They are not that dumb. They are stupid but they are not that dumb. What they may be trying to accomplish with this ‘adventure’ is total chaos and start fishing in the troubled water by keeping the two intermingled ethnic groups, the Amharas and my Oromos busy killing each other.

  2. What will happen when the legendary ENDF and the still legendary Amhara Forces decide to “go for it”. Will there be Ferneji to help you out – you traitors and mercenaries!

  3. Subject: “TPLF loses battles in Nefas Mewcha, Woldia and Sekota”,, August 12, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 13 Aug 2021
    I have a question. There is an Amharic proverb pertaining to creating fighting without ‘raison de etre’ ; “SAYCHEGIR TILL”

    So true! Otherwise, how would one explain the strange phenomenon of an independent country of thousands years old?!?!
    Indeed, there is no crucial need for the ancient independent Ethiopia to liquidate itself into pieces. Is there?!?
    But we have to admit — lest we are labelled as fools — the CRIMINAL CAUSE is due to the ambitious self-anointed leaders who are determined to be on the top of the throne, for THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL AMBITION. Let us admit: it is not a new phenomenon. If in doubt, just look around in our beloved BLACK AFRICAN CONTINENT, which is also encouraged by ‘benevolent’ colonial powers USA, EUROPE, CHINA, AUSTRALIA…, any Country that wants to take advantage of the honest, innocent, naive, good and decent People of Black Africa. Denying this fact is to deny the existence of DAY and NIGHT— better still, the colour of BLACK and WHITE. Indeed, Alan Payton put it elegantly: >>> CRY, MY BELOVED AFRICA. >>> keep handkerchiefs for help to dry the river of tears — if at all possible due to the LONGEVITY of CRIME perpetrated against the innocent, decent BLACK AFRICANS.

  4. Amharas must not give any mercy and must learn how to be cruel to TPLF Terrorist who are only coming to massacred your children, women, men and people and rob your belongings in truck loads to Tigray!!!! Always remember! TPLF Terrorist are not only armed with weapons but also with HATE you can not remove or take away!!!
    TPLF Terrorist is loosing fast and downgraded to snapshot fighters and Armed robbery. The Godless TPLF Terrorist has also taken the fight to Church and Mosque where no God fearing human beings thinks to bring the slightest disturbance to. Ethiopia without the Terrorist TPLF and OLA, OLF are within reach where all peaceful and united Ethiopians can live in peace and share prosperity. Where ONLY the few greedy TPLF mafias has milked billions and trillions of money and where that will never happen again!!!


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