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Rebels from Tigray region, Oromo extremists make their military alliance official

Oromo Liberation Front Military Wing leader says they have not yet started fighting alongside Tigray People’s Liberation Front fighters in the same war front 


The militant wing of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) on Wednesday announced that it has formed an alliance with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

The Oromo Radical Group, which the Ethiopian government linked to the massacres of thousands of civilians in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions, told the Associated Press (AP) the only way to resolve the problem in the country is to remove the current government. 

Kumsa Driba, also known as Jal Mero, who is said to be Oromo Liberation Front army commander, said for that to happen, we have formed a military alliance with Tigray Forces. 

The alliance is formed with the principle of “fighting common enemies together.” 

The two organizations have a history of military and political alliance which did not go well.  A little before Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam’s government was toppled, the two organizations forged an alliance, but did not last. 

Oromo Liberation Front fell out with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) barely a year after the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, which was dominated by TPLF, took power in 1991. 

Soon after that, the half a century old radical Oromo political organization had to flee from Ethiopian power center to lead a brief guerrilla activity in the South East and South Western part of Ethiopia. It did not last long as it faced a devastating defeat from the TPLF led government.   

The military defeat was followed by “legal action” on the part of TPLF and OLF was outlawed as a “terrorist organization.” The upshot was that the TPLF government brutalized thousands of ethnic Oromos on grounds of being either OLF or OLF sympathizers,  to the point that Seye Abraham, former TPLF military commander and Minister of Defense, remarked “prison facilities speak Oromo language.” He was putting in context the number of ethnic Oromos arrested in connection with OLF.  

OLF military commander, Jal Mero, told the Associated Press that his forces are not currently fighting along with TPLF in the same front. However, he hopes that the day will come  to do that. 

He is also cited as saying that they are having conversation with other political forces, unspecified in name, that are opposing PM Abiy Ahmed’s government. OLF has a presence in the Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia, where rebels from the region are operating. 

The TPLF has not yet offered an official remark about the new alliance with OLF. The Ethiopian government is yet to react to it too. 

The government has been implicating OLF and TPLF in the massacres in different parts of Ethiopia, including one that happened after the assassination of the popular Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa at the end of June 2020. 

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that OLF forces have blocked roads in Gebre Guracha. If true, that will cut off movement between Addis Ababa and Gojam region of the Amhara regional state. 

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  1. Easy Brother Bekele, easy! USA has the responsibility to call things as it sees them. I didn’t see any problem with Secretary Blinken asking all parties to pull out of the territories they took over after the conflict began. With anyone with straight thinking and clear mind there should never have been any internal ‘territorial’ issues. None! But it was bigots who drew lines that never existed which makes one an alien in his/her own country, a country our ‘illiterate’ fathers protected from foreign bullies and predators with their Allah created lives. If the leaders both in Addis and Mekele were thinking straight they would come up with a plan where both Tigrayans and Amharas live in peace in the disputed territories. But in the country where bigots have the upper hand(thanks to the demonic Marxism/Leninism ideology that took root in that country since the 1960’s) that will never be possible. They have chosen the gun slinging ways. Violence is becoming their romance of the day. For that Tigrayan the good Amhara is a dead Amhara. For that Amhara the good Tigrayan is a dead Tigrayan. In the meantime it is reported that Debre and his fighters are marching undeterred towards Woldiya. I am not sure how anyone, considering the rugged landscape, will be able to dislodge Debre’s determined fighters from that area. I had seen that area when I took a bus ride towards Asmara on summer vacation in the 1960’s. It is going to be a tall order. It seems Debre has the full support of his people. It is reported that civilians in the northern part of Wollo are not putting up stiff resistance but are fleeing south in their tens of thousands just like what we see now in Afghanistan. I’m not sure how resolute are the folks in the capital. It seems they are losing the will to come up with an effective counteroffensive to stop or reverse the speedy march by Debre and his militia. Do they have a MacArthur among Abiy’s generals who will come up a smart counter offensive war plan? I don’t know and nobody is sure if there is one. They have to prove to everyone. Meanwhile tens and hundreds of thousands even millions will be displaced. War will not stop this nightmare. Leaders in complete command of their faculties are the only one who can. But that seems to be a rare commodity over there these days. The problem is not USA or Secretary Blinken because they are not the ones that started this senseless conflict. It is us damn, damn niggers us who decided to kill each other instead of living in peace and harmony. Now millions will be uprooted and that is going to have a domino effect leading the entire population on the move. That will be nothing but Syria and Afghanistan on steroid. EU! Are you ready to cope with an influx of 50 million or more dark skinned folks running for their lives towards your borders? These ones are not like the Syrians and Afghans. At least these two may have something to go back to but these black folks will have nothing because they have left everything in utter shambles/oblivion behind them. Even if you mine your borders they will not think twice not to march right into them. I don’t know how but be ready. Remember 50 million is just way less than 30% of them and that will be just only the first wave!!! The other 120 million will be waiting for the first wave to clear the way. You are forewarned!!! But I think that is what you wanted anyhow!!!! I bet you Mussolini will be dancing in his grave!!!

  2. There you have it. I told you on several occasions before that Debre and his cabals need beast of burden from Amhara and Oromo people who will picky bag them thru otherwise hostile territories all the way to Addis/Finfine. Now it seems they have found willing mules from among my own Oromos and it will be a matter of time before they bag same willing coolies among our Amhara neighbors. You just watch!!!

  3. This joint doom to fail venture between TPLF and OLF terrorists was coordinated by none other than Egyptians, the United States of Amerikkka , England and the international terror group of white supremacy brotherhoods.

  4. It is always been known where and how OLF (T-OLF) got the guts that it never had for 35 years of sleeping in exile. It is the T-TPLF who has been supplying Terrorist weapons’, barbaric and cruel criminal methods to murder innocent lives throughout the Oromia region until it is now crushed and decimated. T-OLF is not disappointed to say the least how TPLF has treated T_OLF for 27 years, T-TPLF has been abducting, imprisoning and murdering T-OLF from Somalia and Kenya. T-TPLF proclaimed OLF as a Terrorist group then filled the prison with OLF leaders and members and made the language of the prison to be Oromigna. . Now T-TPLF is decimated by the brave united Ethiopian force it turns to its former prisoners and victims the T-OLF group. Ha ha ha ha………

  5. Debre and his cabals need beast of burden from Amhara and Oromo people who will picky bag them thru otherwise hostile territories all the way to Addis/Finfine. Now it seems they have found willing mules from among my own Oromos and it will be a matter of time before they bag same willing coolies among our Amhara neighbors. Coolie! Coolie! Coolie! Where in the world are you Hammaals!!! You will be handsomely rewarded once you’ve carried me all the way to Addis without my feet hitting the ground!!!! You, hey you! I will make you the prime minister and Kumsa will be my personal shoe shine boy defense minister!!! I’ll bus up the rest of them into cozy reformatories to make them think like you coolie from Amhara and the shoe shine boy Kumsa!!! Hey Kumsa! I heard you call yourself Jal Mero. Kkkkkkkkkkk! Sorry for laughing cuz it sounds corky and very funny in my mother tongue of Afaan Tigre!!! Jal Mero? Ok, ok, I get it!!!! Coolie! Coolie! Coolie! You just watch!!!

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