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TPLF has become Trojan Horse for the Enemies of Ethiopia, says Gov’t

Ethiopian government said the international community wants to rescue TPLF that has become a Trojan horse to the enemies of Ethiopia 


Ethiopia’s government stated its objective in introducing the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, at the end of June this year, was to enable farmers in the Tigray region of Ethiopia to undertake their farming activity and create a conducive condition for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the region. 

The purpose seems to have been defeated. There are reports that a considerable number of  farmers in the Tigray region were forced to take part in Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s war, which it expanded to the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.  

Military analysts with information about the TPLF latest military strategy indicated that the “human wave” tactic, first used during the Chinese Communist revolutionary wars, has become a dominant one. And that explains why the TPLF has to use child soldiers and farmers in the war. 

In the weeks after the declaration of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, TPLF took the war to Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia, where it had been engaged in extensive killings targeting civilians. 

Last week alone, over 200 civilians were slaughtered as the TPLF forces shelled a school and health center where displaced people were temporarily staying. Over 100 of the victims were children ; it is confirmed by the Afar regional government. 

Number of people displaced from North Wollo (Amahra region) and Afar regions of Ethiopia has reached over 300,000 and they are said to be in need of humanitarian assistance. 

The TPLF still wanted to take the war further, spatially. Last week, it entered the historic city of Lalibela. And in the past few days it has been attempting to control the city of Woldia which proved to be difficult as residents of the city put up a fierce resistance. 

The situation created widespread criticism of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government for adhering to what his administration called “unilateral humanitarian ceasefire.” 

It was in this situation that his government was compelled to announce an end to it and order the Defense Force to respond to TPLF’s war in Amhara and Afar regions. 

On August 10, 2021, the office of the prime minister issued a statement announcing the end of the ceasefire and making a national call for Ethiopians to join the army to reverse the threat that TPLF and its foreign backers posed to Ethiopia. 

The government said Tigray People’s Liberation Front is plotting with external enemies of Ethiopia, from near and far, and serving as a trojan horse for  them. 

The enemies are working together against Ethiopia, the statement continued,  at a time when Ethiopia is determined to overcome poverty and march towards prosperity. 

The statement also criticized the international community for lack of interest in understanding the destructive nature of the TPLF and rather covering up for the TPLF. 

Because the international community wants the TPLF as a tool to implement their own agenda, they are not recognizing what the government has been doing to resolve the situation. It said they want to rescue the TPLF. 


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