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Ethiopia announced an end to unilateral cease fire, calls for mobilization

The Federal government of Ethiopia ended a unilateral ceasefire after the Tigray rebels exploited it to take the war to the neighboring Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia 

Ethiopia _ ceasefire
Picture from Sunday demonstration in Addis Ababa (Photo : OPM)


The Ethiopian government has been under immense pressure from the public as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPF) massacred hundreds of civilians, including children and women, in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

It was criticized for not ending what it called a “unilateral humanitarian ceasefire” as the Tigray rebels intensified war in the Amhara and Afar  regions of Ethiopia. 

In what seems to be a response to the public, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government on Tuesday announced that the ceasefire has ended. The army is ordered to launch a counter offensive against the TPLF in Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia. 

“TPFL leaders have stated that their objective is to dismember Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Defense Force, regional special forces and militia are given orders to foil the plot and flex its strong arm to annihilate the betraying force and their foreign backers, ” said the statement from the office of the Prime Minister. 

Last week, Tigray rebels entered Lalibela – a UNESCO heritage site that hosts millions of religious pilgrims every year. For the past few days, the rebels have been trying to control Woldia city, but their efforts were frustrated  to the point that they shelled the city with artillery targeting civilians. 

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians have been displaced from Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia after the TPLF took the war to these regions with the aim of controlling routes to Djibouti and Sudan. The TPLF has also controlled areas in North Wollo. 

In addition to announcing the end of unilateral ceasefire, the office of the Prime Minister disclosed that TPLF is sending infiltrators to different parts of Ethiopia as civilians, and called on Ethiopians to be alert and work with security forces. 

The Ethiopian government has also called on Ethiopians to join that army, special forces and militia to stand in guard of defending Ethiopia. 

On Sunday, a massive rally was organized in the capital Addis Ababa to denounce the TPLF and express support to the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Hundreds of thousands of new recruits have joined the Defense Force recently in response to mobilization effort by the government. 

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  1. It’s about time!!! Ethiopians and many African and International society has been questioning why the government hat to keep the ceasefire while TPLF Terrorist never accepted it but used the quit period to come out from the hiding cages and make up for all its lose. TPLF then took its war on neighboring regions of Afar and Amhara raping women, slaughtering innocent children, women and elders who were sitting peacefully with their families and friends..
    Amharas, Afar any good people must learn how to quickly and ferociously fight back with the cruel TPLF Terrorists that is comings for only one reason, to murder your husband, wife, children and families. No ifs and buts but attack and do anything necessary to save your family and people life and country.
    Terrorist TPLF never cares for Tigrayans. It only wants to hold power which will never happen!!! The ceasefire period was used on rounding Child soldiers (which the international Human right agencies ignored) and elders, moving dead bodies on Tekeze River, murdering innocents living neighboring regions, stealing as litter as tins, flour and sugar from poor farmers houses. This savage TPLF Terrorist never knows peace and tranquility. There is no reason for Afar and Amhara farmers to suffer anymore while caring for Tigray region. Tigrayans must want to fight the TPLF Terrorist group.

  2. Who made these decisions of ceasefire from the getgo, I am absolutely bemused by the decisions making ability of the Ethiopian government. How in the world can anyone expect an outright terrorist group that is determined and sworn to break up ETHIOPIA and backed by the united states of Amerikkka, England, and the European Union would agree to a ceasfire? This very Ethiopian government that designated TPLF as a terrorist group is trying to get an agreement of ceasefire from TPLF that, the Ethiopian government itself designated as a terrorist group???, what kind of a dirty jock is this? something is definitely not jiving with this precarious decision.


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