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Ethiopia : court martial sentences to death those involved in the Defense attack

Court Martial granted appeal rights to the suspects involved in facilitating Defense Force attack by Tigray people’s Liberation Front

Court Martial _ Ethiopia


The Ethiopian Defense Force on Friday disclosed that the court martial  of The Western Command had been looking into cases of Defense Force members who were involved in betrayal and subversive actions by facilitating attack for the TPLF forces. 

It said witnesses were heard and evidence organized and analyzed. 

Colonel Marye Ebabu, head of the court martial for the Western Command, is cited as saying that there were several officers who received a mission from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to disorient Defense members. 

Worse, according to the Ethiopian Defense Force report, there were also others who were in possession of lethal poison with which they intended to kill members of the Ethiopian defense force.  The poison was uncovered during a search of suspected members of the defense force. 

The report added that some other sympathizers to the TPLF within the army were engaged in social media mobilization calling for an end to government terms in office by October 10, 2020. 

Furthermore, Colonel Marye said some ethnic Tigrean members of the defense force in the western command had a preparation to launch an attack comparable to one that was launched against the Northern Command. 

Suspects were charged with treason and are sentenced to death and life in prison. Colonel Marye also said that they have a right to appeal the decision. 

Members of the defense force who committed a treasonous act against the Northern Command are also charged. And they were allowed to have a defense lawyer. 

The statement from the Defense Force unspecified the number of suspects facing treason charges and those who are sentenced to death and life in prison. 

Court martial of the Western Command said members of the Defense Force actively participated during the process of evidence gathering and hearing. 

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) top officials admitted on a live show saying their forces took a preemptive blitzkrieg attack on the Northern Command Force. 

TPLF forces are still carrying out massacres in Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia as they pursue their military objective to control the road between Tigray and Afar , and Tigray and Sudan. 

USAID administrator, Samantha Power, who visited Sudan before her short visit to Ethiopia, has been campaigning to get a “humanitarian corridor” between Tigray and Sudan. 

However, the Ethiopian government rejected it, saying that aid should continue to be delivered from Djibouti. 

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  1. Amharas, Show your Force claims “Amhara must learn how to be cruel and merciless just like TPLF/ISIS” , but amhara is known for cruelty and barbaric killings of children and mothers including religious people in their own home in Tigray . This might not be true , they are not in Lilibela , how come Amhara coudn’t control its region while intending to rule a foreign land ?It must be photoshop or some other forces from Jupiter ? Tigray is also a sacred land why did you let pagan eritreans to infest it and kill holy men ? are you shift to this religious and sacred politics from child recruiting agenda ? You are so faster than a wind ?

    Who is gonna teach you how to kill but known to be killers
    Amhara elites donot need anyone to teach them to become genociders it is in their blood inherited from their forefathers.

  2. No one should conspire with Terrorist TPLF, the ISIS in Ethiopia against any Ethiopian who are Godless savages from the stone age. Terrorist TPLF is also murdering God-serving monks in monasteries and churches. Yes Amharas must know how to confront the enemy of human beings, TPLF savage murderers who have ruthlessly massacred 300 innocent Afar children, women and elders and burned food depot for no reason. They should not contemplate to kill any Terrorist TPLF anymore because TPLF are ruthless, Godless murderers.

    The Parasitic Terrorist TPLF style of ruling has been ruthless, impoverishing and brutal. Now the Terrorist TPLF are lamenting those good old days of looting, torturing and massacring Ethiopians. Not only looting, stealing land, properties, banks and murdering 600 Queerros, known as the Irreecha Massacre just in one day and many thousands Somalies, Gambellas, Afars for 27 years has come to stop. Murdering Amharas has continued in Wollega and Benishangul again sponsored by Terrorist TPLF and that will come to stop soon. a


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