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Over 75, 000 people displaced in Afar, in need of emergency aid

International aid agencies not providing help to people affected by the conflict in the Afar region 

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Over 75,000 people are displaced from six districts in zone four of the Afar region due to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) military attack in the region. 

According to Voice of America, Amharic Service, which was published on Monday, the residents were forced to leave behind their homes and properties because of the military conflict. 

The Afar region Disaster Prevention and Food Security office believes that the number of displaced people could reach up to 500,000 unless the situation in the region is reversed. 

Mohammed Hussien, head of the office,told  VOA Amharic that four districts are entirely displaced while one district is partially affected. 

There are also people living in the areas occupied by TPLF forces and their circumstances are unknown,as indicated by Mr. Mohammed. 

Furthermore, it is said that the displaced people are not getting humanitarian assistance. Some charitable organizations in the region are making endeavors to provide assistance. Afar Development Association has provided help to hundreds of people. 

The Federal government is expected to provide emergency assistance. The international community is rather focused on the Tigray region of Ethiopia, despite a claim by the Ethiopian government that over 100 billion birr was spent in the region in a span of seven months. 

The Ethiopian government is under new pressure from western powers in connection with opening a “humanitarian aid corridor” between Sudan and the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

An intense fighting has been consuming parts of the Afar region of Ethiopia for several weeks now. Citizen reports on social media indicate, which government sources confirmed, that TPLF forces suffered a crushing defeat.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force visited the conflict area in the region this week. 

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  1. Subject: “Over 75, 000 people displaced in Afar, in need of emergency aid” www. , August 3, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 4 Aug 2021
    It is not unusual for African People to suffer trying to get daily bread.
    Believe it or not, there are external forces that drove Africa to what it is today — and will continue to be so.
    Why? Africa has extraordinary abundant natural resource s — the envy of outsider who ‘sincerely’ [yes, sincerely] believe that the Owners of Black AFRICA do not deserve to posses such extraordinary richness of minerals etc etc etc
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    Lingering Embarrassing Question
    Facts: Africa has countless number of the so-called “educated” citizens up to the top most level of Doctor of Philosophy on countless subjects.
    It did not affect out dear Africa
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