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Ethiopia wins Silver in Men’s 3000 meters steeplechase at the Tokyo Olympic

Ethiopia _ Steeplechase
Lemecha Girma leading at the Tokyo 2020 men’s 3000 meters steeplechase (Photo : via EBC)


Ethiopia got its second medal at the Tokyo Olympics. It is Lemecha Girma who won a Silver medal Men’s 3000 meters steeplechase category. 

Last week, Ethiopia got a gold medal when Selemon Barega won the men’s 10,000 meters long distance running. 

Women’s 5000 meters final is scheduled to take place today. 
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  1. More medals were added to the haul of the old country. 1 silver in the men’s 3,000 meters steeple chase and Lamecha lost the gold to the fellow African from Morocco by less than 2 seconds. There were also 2 medals added to the hardware count by our gallant sons and daughters. Gold and Bronze in the women’s 5,000 meters final where Sifan won the gold and Gudaf the bronze. I don’t wanna hear anyone of you bigots saying Dutch this and Dutch that. That is part of the looted national treasure. Period!!!!

    Our two more daughters are in the 3.000 meters steeplechase final that will be held on August 4 also. Watch Mekides and Zerfe who will be going after the hardware. Their strong competition comes from USA’s Courtney and off course the Kenyans. Check your local listings for times. Let’s go!!!!

  2. Btw, in the 3,000 meters final Getnet was not that far behind the medal winners. He was fourth and missed the hardware by less than 3 seconds. Both Lamecha and Getnet have promising future since they are only 20 and 21 years old. I am very happy by the performance of our gallant sons and daughters so far. Days beginning August 4 thru the closing day of August 8, our boys and girls will be going after the medals of all sorts on daily basis. Keep checking your local guides for listings and make sure to cheer them on. Insha’Allah!!!!

  3. The men’s 5,000 meters final is going to be the most boring race in athletics history. With no Ethiopian in the competition for the hardware, it has lost its appeal and excitement. Just forget about it!!!!!

  4. Dear Editors,

    I think it would be a good idea if you put up the latest sporting news highlighting our sons and daughters at the Olympics in your ‘Featured’ section. It will help up us the readers to find something that will lighten us up. Thanks you very much.


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