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Solomon Barega restores Olympic 10,000 meters glory back to Ethiopia

Solomon Barega _ Tokyo Olympic
Solomon Barega celebrating Tokyo Olymic Men’s 10,000 meter victory after crossing the finishing line (Photo : World Athletics)


Solomon Barega won the men’s 10,000 Olympic Gold for Ethiopia at the Tokyo Olympic. He finished the distance in 27:43:22. 

Home to the legendary long distance  athletes like Haile Gebreselassie and Kenenisa Bekele, Ethiopia didn’t win Gold medal in the distance since 2008. 

Solomon Barega who restored the Gold glory in  men’s 10,000 meters. Ethiopians are celebrating the victory despite domestic challenges fueled by the foreign pressure from the western powers.

Video : embedded from CBC YouTube channel

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  1. Did anyone of notice this gallant patriot leaving everyone in the dustbin this morning? The two Ugandans put the gear on him. They went for the 4th and he went for the 5th then they went for the 6th followed by the 10th. That was when he went all the way to the ultimate one. I was joined by his late grand uncles Abebe, Mamo and his big brothers Haile and Bekele yelling and screaming at him with ‘go get’em tiger! Get’em! Get’em!! Get’em tiger!’ He then turned into a Ford GT40 from 1965, 2005 and 2020 rolled into one, man! Who will catch the GT40 on a straight line thoroughfare? This patriot is still 21 years old and by the next Olympics he will be an invincible 25 years old with GT40 legs. Ok bigots and haters of the old country! Eat your crow!!!!


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