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Sudan reportedly building military bases in Ethiopian soil


Sheger Times Media, a digital media, reports Sudan is building a military base within the Ethiopian territory it controlled in November 2020 after the Ethiopian Defense Force was withdrawn from the region in connection with the law enforcement operation in North Ethiopia.

Ethiopian State media or Sudanese news sources did not publish reports relating to the aforementioned base in Ethiopia.

Sudan has, reportedly, been training and arming thousands of TPLF fighters.

Video : embedded from Sheger Times Media
Cover photo : screenshot from the audio file

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    • Looks like ethiopia is begging sudan to leave its land. Plus, who are white foreigners occuping Baher Dar and Tigray? They have also built underground.

  1. Then end of Ethiopia, it is time to come to terms:
    1. Eritrea/Adwa gained the war, got rid of all its Tigrayan origin adversaries except its secret Eritrean/Adwan Tplf (Adanom, Sebhat Nega, G/Kirstos, many acting as Tigrayans in the diaspora are actually Eritreans as well including Alula Selemon, Bereket Simon, etc), It had extended its land beyond Badme, it is in control of Axum and other key areas in Tigray.
    2. Ethiopians forces left Tigray for resurgence of the above Tplf groups. The pro Ethiopian Tigrayans are already being eliminated and no one to help them. Those acting as pro Tigray online etc are actually Eritrean/Adwa descent acting as Tembien, Enderta, etc it is all lies.
    3. The Tplf is actually now expanding the war and the war is on other parts of Ethiopian lands including Amara
    4. While Tplf is distracting Ethiopian forces, Sudan is moving in deeply into Ethiopia’s war and preparing for war with Amara in order to force the border to be opened, in the meantime, the West media will continue to blame the Ethiopian and Amaran forces. Actually, the whole idea that pretend to oppose Eritrea by West is not true it is to distract Ethiopians/the governemnt. Eritrea was sent to come in Ethiopia with reconciliation with new governemnt the goal is to set the government and ethiopians against West in order to set up and create war against Ethiopia.
    5. Tigray will be under the control of foreigners, staying as under UN is aka under West/its supporters
    6. Diaspora is no where to be found on international arena except wearing the gigantic Ethiopian flag, and has no teeth and totally being ignored by Western officials and others. Diaspora is actually following the government instead of acting as strong pro Ethiopian entities. For 27 years it has not made fruit for Ethiopia except fattening Tplf to continue to kill poor Ethiopians in Ethiopia. Today, it is divided. If the current Ethi government is real or not is not known as it is strongly being threatened by the West but must not give false hope to Ethiopians and must address to Ethiopians whether it is going to win or not if not, what will be the next plan for Ethiopia?
    7. The plan to depopulate Ethiopians had already began in order to claim Ethiopia’s history as foreigners.

  2. Unless what is on the ground is not being told, for security reason yes, but, if Ethiopians don’t know the real truth with what is going on for example, Amara and Afar land is fighting with Tplf is weakness and Sudan is going to get Tplf fighters to flood the border and attack so where is winning? Within Tplf that is about to invade Ethiopia on Sudan borders there are inside them Sudandese and dark Egyptians. What Ethiopia needs to do is invade by air Sudan and bomb the area! Before that, it should get okayed by UN, its allies that it can’t stand by being invaded by neighboring Sudan, that is what they should say and not TDF. Sudan is going to invading Ethiopia with mass soldiers. Does Ethiopian forces eyeing the Southern side as well? Sucha s Somalia, Kenya? S. Sudan?


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