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International Community Should Condemn TPLF for blocking aid : Gov’t

The international community should condemn TPLF as it starves civilians by blocking aid to Tigray

International Community _ Ethiopia _ TPLF


The international community should spare no time to condemn TPLF that has repeatedly shown its utter disregard and cruelty to the people in Tigray by blocking essential aid to the region, noted Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti Berhanu Tsegaye during his discussion with MARY NJOROGE, Representative & Country Director of WFP.

Although TPLF has continued to disrupt & endanger the free movements of trucks, Ambassador Berhanu noted, the government of Ethiopia has doubled its efforts believing it is vital to meet the growing demands in the region.

The Ambassador recalled that the government allowed humanitarian flights into the Tigray region, giving unrestricted access to aid agencies to help vulnerable people.

The two sides agreed to meet and hold periodic discussions to assess and upscale the smooth transportation of cargo from the Port of Djibouti in close cooperation with relevant authorities from Djibouti.

It was to be recalled that, TPLF blocked more than 170 trucks carrying food and non-food items to deliver the much-needed humanitarian support to Tigray.

Commending the Government of Ethiopia for its continued commitment in making sure that there is seamless transportation of the necessary aid, especially wheat, from end to end, Mrs. Mary Njoroge called for the need to further enhance collaboration as WFP has now aimed at transporting hundreds & thousands of tons of humanitarian aid within a reasonable period.

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