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Ethiopia : Thousands join Defense Mission as proxy war intensifies

The proxy war against Ethiopia is facing has united the country in a way that was not seen since the country was divided in a way to trigger ethnic and religious war, which happened after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took power about three decades ago 


As Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) vows to disintegrate Ethiopia, tens of thousands of young Ethiopians from different parts of the country are voluntarily joining the Ethiopian Defense Force to reverse what many Ethiopians see as a proxy war against Ethiopia through the agency of TPLF. 

On Tuesday, well over 3000 youth from the capital Addis Ababa left the city to join the campaign to rescue Ethiopia from the danger that the TPLF is posing. 

As well, health professionals  from three hospitals in the capital (namely Ras Desta, Menelik II and Yekatit 12) expressed readiness to serve the Ethiopian Defense Force in the battle front, as reported by state media. 

A ceremonious send-off was organized at the Mesqel square in the city, where the mayor of the city, Adanech Abiebie, and the Minister for Defense, Kenea Yadeta, appeared to convey messages of encouragement to the volunteers. 

Apart from that, the Mayor disclosed that over 1 billion Ethiopian birr, raised from businesses and residents of the city, is channelled to the Ethiopian Defense Force, as a support contribution. 

The proxy war uniting Ethiopia 

There has been a noticeable anticipation from external forces backing Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that a concerted action would be difficult if not impossible. 

The view informed by ethnic-based divisions that TPLF introduced, which at some point challenged the country to the point where ethnic based violence became common in the country. 

As it turns out, when the proxy war threatened the existence of Ethiopia, the division on the basis of ethnicity came to be understood as undesirable. A clear manifestation of that is that  youth from different parts of the ethnic based regions are joining the campaign to reverse the danger that TPLF posed. 

After the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral ceasefire at the end of June 2021, the TPLF not only controlled Mekelle but also launched a major offensive against Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.  

The TPLF managed to make some gains as it is employing what military experts call human wave attack.  It is now established that apart from child soldiers, TPLF deployed seniors in the war front. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force has not yet launched a major counter-offensive since the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire was declared. 

Financial and logistical support 

Those who are not heading to the battle front or military training camps as volunteers are deepening the resource mobilization work to ensure adequate support is given to the Ethiopian Defense Force and regional forces. 

Billions of Ethiopian birr have been raised this month. Furthermore, people in different parts of the country are sending cattle for consumption by the Defense Force. 


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  2. The unity of Ethiopia is so deep, intertwined. weaved, mixed, tested, loved and so strong NO false outside or homegrown evil, TPLF, and Egypt propaganda or prophecy will break it. TPLF and Egypt are in shock and owe right now when looking at Ethiopians from all corners standing united to fight and eliminate TPLF terrorists once and for all. The unbreakable unity as confirmed their true nature. TPLF, the homegrown evil doer, had hoped its evil seed has crippled Ethiopians and their unity. But the naked truth today is looking at TPLF and Egypt gurgitating their own evil seed. Now the world has to give up on ethnic naming and rather accept the truth by calling everyone as an Ethiopian!!!! Not this or that ethnic naming and, No more!!!!!! They carry Ethiopian Passport and that is who they are!!!!!

    Instead Ethiopians are ready to work with the outside world when their country and CITIZENSHIP is respected just like Western countries countrymen or women. No one calls British, German, France, US or any other country men or women by their regional ethic name other than identifying them by their respective country citizenships.

  3. The goons of TPLF are said to be the ones that played the instigating role that culminated in the killing of innocent civilians in the Afar region. They will try to duplicate that either in the Amhara and Oromia regions so these two upright people will go after each other throats. They had tried that when they were in full control of central government and they now are trying to strike the match leading to an all out mayhem. Then they will go out and fish in the troubled waters. They believe in their minds and cursed hearts that the only way they can sustain a living in their worn out forsaken joint is by keeping others tied up killing each other. That is called governance principle by a drunken minority. They know they have trashed their region by getting it overworked beyond repair. They know they can’t survive by going it alone. They know that more than anyone else. They also know that survival and flourishing possibility is next to none when sandwiched between their hostile neighbor to the north and fire spitting giants to their south, west and east. This scenario is the creation of their own cruel behavior and how they treated everyone around them. They used to mow down peaceful citizens for just going out in the streets to make their problems. They made citizens disappear without a trace. They hauled people into stinking prisons without due process in a court of law. The looted the nation’s coffers like there was no tomorrow. I did not make all this up. They are backed up by the numerous reports by their today’s bosom buddies Amnesty International in all!!! Now they are pitching their unfortunate youth against more than 115 million people. A few years ago someone tried to tell me that his region is like Israel. His people are surrounded by hostile people like Israel. I was like ‘Am I hearing a mad man talking or what?’ I was down on the floor laughing my mouth off. I bet you Debre and his lieutenants will tell you the same if you pull them by the side and just tickle them. Yes Israel has been surrounded by hostile neighbors numbering into hundreds of millions but the difference is its hostile neighbors want to wipe its citizens off the face of the earth and take the land. If you ask every Oromo, Amhara and the rest of the 80 ethnic groups if he/she is interested in taking Debre’s region he/she will tell you like ‘No thank you. I am not interested. I would like to help but no sir I don’t wanna own that piece of you know what’.


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