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Washington : Ethiopians organized massive event in support of GERD, Defense Force

The event from the Washington raised over $US100,000 for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project (GERD) and the Ethiopian Defense Force

Washington  _ Ethiopia _ GERD
Protestors in Washington DC show support for the Ethiopian Dam and Ethiopian Defense Force


Ethiopians living in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia (DMV) on Sunday staged a massive event  in Washington DC in support of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the Ethiopian Defense Force and regional forces in the campaign against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – an organization which the Ethiopian Parliament designated terrorist. 

It is the Ethiopian Association for Peace and Unity that organized the event – which was also attended by the Ethiopian Ambassador to the US, Fitsum Arega, and the Ethiopian Ambassador to the UN Taye Aske Selassie. 

Picture from the event (Photo : Ethiopian Embassy in the US)

The event raised  over $100,000 for the dam and in support of the Ethiopian Defense Forces and regional forces in their campaign against the terrorist TPLF. 

Ethiopia has been under immense pressure from the United States and its European allies in connection with the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and the GERD project. 

In the past two weeks, the TPLF launched a major offensive in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. Pictures published by mainstream media like the New York Times demonstrated that the TPLF is using child soldiers as well in its latest campaign. The New York Times deleted the pictures following mounting criticism over the description of child soldiers as “highly motivated fighters. ”  Also, video footage released by the state media indicate that the TPLF is indeed extensively using child soldiers. 

With regard to the GERD project, Ethiopia has managed to complete the second filing amid EU and US pressure to sign a binding agreement with Egypt and Sudan over the filling and operation of the dam. 

The latest update from the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy indicates that over 80 percent of the project is completed and Ethiopia is planning to start generating  electric power as early as October of this year. 

Last week, Ethiopia launched a new website with the aim to mobilize more funds to finance the completion of the mega dam project, which is seen by many politicians as one of the most unifying projects in the country. 


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  1. QUOTE: “Ethiopia has been under immense pressure from the United States and its European allies in connection with the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and the GERD project.” UNQUOTE

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  2. The Z Mene Minilik era is here! Exactly history is repeating itself. The people were divided and selling their people to Arabs to buy arms and fight enemies within and fireigners, finally it was time to unite these peole while still going to war with foreigners. Innfact British came to kill Tedros, his son 7 yrs old captive, was tortured in Bucking Palance and finlally died there. The so called enemies within who fought and divide themselves with Tplf, just realised the enemies are coming taking advantage of divided Ethiopia. We have Dagmawi Minilik Aby! Uniting the nation. However, what is concering me, ethiopia is still weak on diplomacy. The country was controlled by Tplf enemy, it had weakened its great place under our Kings withered. Meles was on one of this G7 meetings, photo shows how he is slave, nobody was talking to him at their dinner fathering. This shows that he was a tool. On the other hand, the emotiinal and useless mivement, protest etc, doesnt help, you need to take this internationally, thise if you eho are pro ethiopia are just talking media endangering the country and generalizing other countries as enemies. Fools! Scandinavian natiins were not enemies,U.S people are not enemies, whi have too many friends than you can imagine, but you are creating more enemies fir ethiopia. Get this, even within Tplf, out of 100s even there is 1 Tplf that is pro Ethiopia l will support that, because he is a lost sheep. Stop generalising that everyone enemies! Well if you know that, you should have worked in that 27 years ago, l knew for examole where the country was heading. Have tou read books on ethiooua since the over throw if our king? Have you known who is who or studied who are really the enemies of ethiopia? You have not done your homework well. Because you saw our king as enemy, you dont even have role model except you made your role models foreigners, the same foreigners who always start war destroy ethiopia and empoverish ethioua. The so called intellectuals, endoctrinated by foreigners dont even know who the real enemy is. If you have done your hinework, the country would not be in this position. You dare that some Gojames talk against our king, the usual persibal revenge, it was our jing who kept ethiopia out of war, gave ethiopia breathing and did a lot within the time he had. Guess what, he was able to talk the real enemies with great diplomacy. That is what ethippia need to do even with enemies, it doesnt mean you have to give ip what you stand for. At the same time, exposing their crimes against ethiopua and of course preparing.


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