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Rallies in the Afar region of Ethiopia against TPLF incursion

Afar region _ protest
One of the Protests in Afar region (Photo : ENA)


Protestors took to the street in several towns in the Afar region of Ethiopia against a new military incursion by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).  

According to a report by state media, Asaita, Semara and Logia towns have seen the protest. Protestors in Semera, the seat of Afar regional government, opposed foreign intervention which they believe is facilitating the military campaign for TPLF. 

They also condemned the TPLF for targeting civilians in different parts of the region. There have been similar protests and rallies in other parts of Ethiopia as well. On Thursday this week, Addis Ababa saw a massive rally that condemned TPLF terrorist activity and foreign intervention. 

This week, the Ethiopian government claimed that the TPLF forces attempting to control more areas in Afar region, including the road to Djibouti, were routed. Other reports emerging on social media say over 800 TPLF combatants surrendered to Afar region and Ethiopian Defense forces about two days ago. Over 2000 others were said to be routed. 

There are still reports of fighting in the Afar region of Ethiopia as the TPLF is attempting to militarily annex areas from the Afar region. 

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  1. There is depressing news from this very region today. It is reported that members of the militia from this region went on rampage and murdered hundreds of Somali civilians. It is also reported that protesters have effectively blocked the railway line. This is why I consider conflicts in that country senseless. If this is true the loosening up of federal authority and rule of law is fast disappearing and spreading. Mind you, this is the very region pleaded for help from other regions after the goons of TPLF invaded its territory. I was never a fan of ethnic politics and I will never be impressed by it for whatever left of my blessed life. Equality is a quest sacred to all of us but bigotry is the cursed side of ethnic politics that always lead to such wanton killings. Now we gonna see retaliatory killings and the axe grinding will go on and on. What do you make of this? I am totally crestfallen by this tragic news.


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