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Households who decline to send children to war will not get aid, says TPLF

TPLF _ Getachew Reda _ war
Getachew Reda (SM)


There have been social reports this week that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is coercing residents in the region to contribute for the conscription for the ongoing war or risk not getting humanitarian aid.  

It is Getachew Reda, spokesperson of TPLF, who is believed to be operating in Mekelle after the Ethiopian forces withdrew from the region, who is said to have declared the new ‘proclamation.’

Ethiopian State of Emergency Fact Check Task Force, a government body, on Thursday confirmed that “Getachew Reda has ordered TPLF operatives in the region to ensure that no household gets humanitarian assistance unless they send their children to fight.”

At this writing, the TPLF did not release a statement denying the allegations. 

Pictures of child soldiers who are said to be captured from the latest operation from Afar region – where the TPLF launched a military adventure to control areas – told law enforcement bodies that they were forced to fight. 

It is also alleged that the TPLF forced children to consume cannabis as part of the preparation for battles against the Ethiopian Defense Force  and regional special forces of Afar and Amhara. 
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