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TPLF suffered a crushing defeat in the Afar region of Ethiopia

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Earlier this week, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) launched an extensive military campaign in the Afar region of Ethiopia, where dozens were killed and at least 30,000 residents in the region were displaced. 

As it turns out, the TPLF was unable to prevail in the Afar region and continue a military offensive. It has suffered a crushing defeat in Alele Sulula area of the Afar region.

“May Day” the force that it deployed in the region is entirely routed, according to a report by Amhara Media corporation which cited the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Defense Force. 

Director of public relations within the Ethiopian Defense Force, Colonel Getnet Adane, is cited as saying that the TPLF Junta, as he called it, deployed forces in the Kobo front as well.

However, he said, the TPLF forces were defeated, and several child soldiers were captured from the latest military operation in the Kobo region. 

Furthermore, he remarked that the TPLF seized the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire that the Ethiopian government introduced at the end of June as an opportunity to launch an extensive military campaign, but the Ethiopian will continue to take measures when TPLF launches an attack. 

About two days ago, Chief of Defense of the Ethiopian Defense Force, General Berhanu Jula, said that the army is ready for launching a campaign whenever the government gives orders. 

The TPLF has not yet reacted to the latest claim by government forces.

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  1. These days it is very hard to believe any claim be either two of them. The difficulty the ENDF was having during its deployment in Tigray is the same problems other armies had in the past fighting enemy rebels who adopted guerilla warfare. The TPLF had/has one asset that the ENDF does not. They comprise of a single ethnic group who feel besieged and strongly believe they were/are left with any viable alternatives but to huddle around the organization that knows how to ‘speak’ for them. They have no choice except to live with the devil they know and are accustomed to. They have thrown their entire weight behind Debre and his lieutenants. Killing combatants had/had become killing civilians, as told by the PM himself. But this does not mean Debre and his cabals are with no problem. In fact they have a ‘bigger’ problem they can’t successfully deal with or defeat. At least for now new Aba Dula’s and Tamrat’s are very hard to come by because such potential beasts of burden who can carry them all the way to Addis/Finfine are either in jail or are only content to do the battle cry from their comfy homes here among us at college campuses and urban speakeasies. For both sides to deal the other decisive/telling blows, mass desertion must happen which seems not feasible at this time. Such mass desertions are always preceded by battle fatigues and disorientation. That is why I feel that ENDF’s decision to stand down and withdraw from Tigray makes more sense than staying there to be easy target and reliable source of war supplies to the goons of TPLF. War will not produce any solution to either two. I hope and pray that both sides will come to their senses and sit down and talk. There will be no winner out of this nonsense.


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