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Ethiopia to use Kenyan Lamu port as an alternative for its foreign trade

Dagmawit Moges, Minister for Transport (Photo : ENA)


Ethiopia will be using alternative ports. Preconditions are being arranged to use the Kenyan port of Lamu, according to a report by state media. The government seems to see economic benefit in the form of cost minimization in diversified port access. 

Dagmawit Moges, the Minister for Transport, sees it as relevant not only in terms of broadening Ethiopia’s economic opportunity but also in terms of promoting regional integration. 

Ethiopian News Agency cited her as saying that Ethiopia is working on broadening port alternatives. It is needed to ensure that the growing export trade has adequate port access. 

Currently, the country is using Berbera and Port Sudan in addition to Djibouti port.
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  1. There you go! What happened to the Assab port? NOT. At the same time it lost Djibouti port too!! I would be too careful promising rosy ethiopia under this government for some supporters. We will see ifethiopia will get benefit from Eritrea. Weknow since theiverthrow of tplf, eritrea benefited: got rid of its enenies in Tigray, took not just Badme but also other lands, eritreans can now benefit taking controlof ethiopia and tigray as they please economically benefiting including controling the government. What did ethiopians and Tigrayans benefit? NOTHING but death and destruction, loss of yet again not just Assab, but mow also Djibouti ports. After all, Assab port was just lip service. Besides, you can only gain more by holding on to Djibouti port and adding Assab port. Ethiopiawas tricked to break with jibouti for Eritrea and Assab, fool me once in fact Shame on me!! In terms if livelihood and survival, tyere is no playing around with fool me once. The current GOE seems to have so mant locomotions under Ethiopia banner only to find out that there is yetnot one evidence what Ethiopia gained since its take over. Note: not saying tplf was better. After all soon we will see who were within Tplf that gave birth to deathand destruction of ethiopiaand tigray, all evidence seem yo point to eritreans and shabia descemdants within tplf, after all there is no one eritrean tplfite who has lost with current war thosein prison, with recent evidence Sebhats son talking live in comfort and berrjet simon mibilizing anti ethiopians in amara rrgion who wete actually under cover eritreans posing as amaras doing his job. This might lead to my suspicion that maybe, Aby may mot be fully, uh ethiopian after all, that is why Shabia refused pm Hmariam and was eager to negotiate with Aby who was already hand picked by shabia/isayas. I hope what he meant ethiopia would not be with getting rid if our belived ethnic groups who ever they maybe and they disliked. Hence, such as innocent tigayans attacked by tplf( clue eritreas shabia presence) as tplf who is supposed to ” care” for them, coninued to kill tigrayans with current war. So the EOG is mot telling us the truth, and shame on yhose sipporters who pretend and painting rosy pictures and intolerant of criticism ofAby. We shouldbe able to tell the truth, spadeis spade indtead of making ethiopians sleepyon misinformation.

    • ….when tplf originated war with shabia in 1994, it wasnt because us vs them meaning ( shabia vs tplf) it was about killing off oromo and amara soldiers. That is why tplf was lying anout Badme. The current war was about invading ethiopia, killing off Tigrayans ( not Tplf) and continuing on Amara and Afar regions.


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