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Conflict in Ethiopia: Diaspora Calls for Sanctions on TPLF Leaders

Following confirmation of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) use of child soldiers, leaders of the American-Ethiopian diaspora community have written to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken calling for sanctions to be imposed.

By American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC)

WASHINGTON: Last week the photojournalist Finbarr O’Reilly posted images on his Instagram that shocked the American-Ethiopia diaspora. His images taken during a New York Times commissioned trip to Tigray, Ethiopia, showed a number of children holding weapons and receiving training from leading members of the TPLF.

Mr O’Reilly posted on his Instagram page:

“On multiple occasions, I saw Tigrayan children carrying weapons. Under the Statute of the International Criminal Court, conscripting or enlisting children into armed forces or groups constitutes a war crime in both international and non-international armed conflicts.”

For weeks unverified images have circulated on social media alleging the use of child soldiers by the TPLF, but no confirmation had been made by an international media source until last week.  

The Executive Chairman of the American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC), which represents 13 diaspora organisations and reflects the majority of the more than 1 million strong American-Ethiopian diaspora community has written to the Secretary of State and leading Members of Congress to urge public condemnation and sanctions on the leadership of the TPLF.

In the letter the Chairman Mesfin Tegenu calls for:

• The Biden administration to immediately condemn the TPLF by name for the use of child soldiers, acknowledging that it constitutes an international war crime.

• The U.S. to impose sanctions on the TPLF’s leadership to compel the rebel group to end its practice of arming children. 

•  And the U.S. demand that the TPLF and all combatants also adopt an unconditional ceasefire similar to the Ethiopian government as the necessary first step to stem the humanitarian crisis and create a path toward political dialogue.

It is the first time real questions have been asked of the TPLF who have been raging an insurrection in Ethiopia since November 2020. They recently rejected the Ethiopian Government’s ceasefire and have initiated attacks in neighbouring provinces raising concerns within the United Nations and other humanitarian aid organisations who are desperate to deliver resources to the most vulnerable in the region.

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  1. The U.S admin completely ignoringvthe needs of ethiopians by demonizing aby hovt, readd lity is the u.s hovt is against the people andvising 2 groups as cover: that is, Tigray is our baby ( in fact their baby is Tplf and they dont give rats azzzz about Tigray prople) and Aby hovt as monster so they have the onligation to stop Aby hovt, this rheyoric is always to deceive the world tgat they are not there to attack ethiooians but to protect from the bad govt Aby govt. In reality, the war is against ethiopians and breaking the country apart as yhey started it 60 yrs ago.

    On anither note: another enemies of ethiopia are entire media including social media that are noth pro and anti ethiopians. They are spreading negstive and things that should not be sppken publicly about ethiopia, endagering the country and the govt more and more with brea king news, including by the way websotes. None of them have been beneficial for ethiopia in fact, it us affecting ethiopuans psych. Especially ygese media have been playing games pitting ethiopia against west since all eyes are in ethiopia, every ethiopian media is being watched and thus predicting everything. The eth govt should stay under radar nit keep giving public press esgf p genersls? Why do they have yo be out in oublic? Why not appoint someone low key to address what is hoing on? All tgey need is focus on their work. The hovt sjould continue as nd address negotiation with west. This numbing, going out spilling what they ate, shit, etc frkm govt and medias will make ethippoa pay. The entire facebook, sites is ethiopidn breaking news! The music of their news break they choose is also doom and gloom war like music especially GNM, that is as another new born news. The entire media are being funded by foreigners. The greedy bastard ethiopians news casters are helping weaken ethiopia further. First of all people watching news are lazy, who want all to disect news that could be lie ir truth still, berween these journalists and audience, are more benefiting foreigners and tplf and definitely not helping ethiopiawhen they can put themselves to good use to benefit ethiopia when arabs and west are empoverishing ethiopia tgrough war, taking tgeir hard earned money in saidi, etc.

    Who is isayas? Was on GMN media and revealed and hide about isayas saying, indeed we were mislead the west was supporting eplf, no it was in fact chi na! I thought china had non interference policy, so china has been part if disinegrating ethiopia by helping eplf! GMN also forgot to mention, Jebha supported by egypt began the disintegration of ethiopia and when stipid christians joined jebha ibstead of killing it, by the blessing of Egypt, became Eplf

  2. Death to TPLF terrorists .



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