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Rebel group in Tigray region of Ethiopia (TPLF) blocking aid delivery as they attack Afar

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), now a rebel group designated as a terrorist, attacking Afar region blocking mobility of humanitarian aid to Tigray region

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Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPF), the rebel group in north Ethiopia whom the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist group, is reportedly obstructing aid delivery to the Tigray region

A report from the state media said that the delivery route from Afar region of Ethiopia (in the eastern part) to Mekelle is blocked as the TPLF is shelling areas in Afar region with heavy artillery which affected the delivery route. 

The rebel group reportedly opened fire as about 60 trucks carrying humanitarian food and non-food items were heading to the Tigray region from Afar. 

Some analysts seem to suggest that the TPLF’s latest action is motivated by the move to control the supply line across Afar region and perhaps head to Addis Ababa too from there. 

The Ethiopian government introduced a humanitarian unilateral ceasefire at the end of June of this year with a stated objective of allowing farmers to take advantage of the planting season. The government also says that part of the reason for the unilateral ceasefire was to provide unfettered access to humanitarian aid agencies. 

The report from the government did not specify if there was damage from the TPLF shelling. 

The rebel group has not yet remarked about the aid blockage of access to Mekelle from the Afar region  of Ethiopia.  

Meanwhile, there was a demonstration in Logia town in the Afar regional state. According to the state media, it was organized by ethnic Tigreans living in the town. 

They chanted, as reported by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), “We strongly condemn the war that the Junta is waging against Ethiopian Unity.” 

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  1. The Ethiopian Government could have squashed this way before this shit hit the fan. The WHOLE world thinks the TPLF being as a victim fighting for survival because they won the propaganda warfare.
    Anyone who believes that they are Ethiopian and not even support the current administration,should,post comment even send these types of news to social media platforms and direct news outlets.

  2. You are a terrible writer lmao. This article is full of so many mistakes it almost doesn’t make sense. You should probably just stick to writing in Amharic as the only people who will understand, and will likely even care to read this article, are Amharic speakers.


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