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Ethiopia to expel some humanitarian organizations over arms smuggling

The state of war in the Tigray region of Ethiopia shows no improvement as the TPLF is attempting to take it further south and west of the region. According to claims by Ethiopian government, the rebel group seem to be getting support from groups operating in the country under the cover of humanitarian aid 

Redwan Hussien, State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia


Ethiopia on Wednesday warned that it could expel some humanitarian organizations over activities to arm the rebels in Tigray, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which the Ethiopian parliament declared as a terrorist group. 

Spokesperson of the Ethiopian State of Emergency Task Force, Ambassador Redwan Hussien, also State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, organization that is using humanitarian activity as a cover to arm  TPLF could be expelled from Ethiopia.

He did not name the names of the organizations involved in facilitating arms smuggling to support the TPLF.  

Mr. Redwan also talked about the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire and TPLF’s response to it. He said the terrorist organization is carrying out active renewed aggression and that the Ethiopian government could reconsider the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire decision.

In the past two weeks, the TPLF made incursions to the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia with the objective to “recover lost land.” In the Amhara region, it took control of Korem and Alamata towns where it reportedly carried out massacres of civilians on alleged grounds of supporting the operations of the Ethiopian Defense Force. However, Mr. Redwan did not talk about that. 

Mr. Redwan also called on the International Community to condemn TPLF rejection of the Humanitarian ceasefire.  Ethiopia is facing one of the toughest challenges in its history, highlighting pressure on Ethiopia to disintegrate the country and calling on what he called friendly countries to help Ethiopia reverse the situation.  

It is unclear if the rebel forces are still in control of Korem and Alamata. What is clear is that they are in control of the capital Mekelle – a city  which the Ethiopian government said is no longer a center of gravity. 

Amahra regional state announced on Tuesday that the region is facing existential threat after the TPLF declared war on the region and deployed forces in the Raya and Wolkait front to reverse the TPLF advance. 

 Regional states, like Oromia, Sidmama and Somali, have dispatched contingents of special forces to help reverse TPLF aggression in the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia. 

This week, Debretsion Gebremichael, leader of the terrorist junta, as the Ethiopian government and most Ethiopians call it now, spoke this week to the media saying that his fighters will continue what he called “struggle” until “invading forces leave Tigray.”

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  1. Yes they should be expelled. They are not helping the poor and hungry. They never appreciate the government’s effort for ceasefire and providing all kind of assistance that TPLF kept on destroying. They always accuse and complain with false claims about the government when the accusation and condemnation should be against TPLF terrorists. They encourage TPLF terrorist that kept on murdering innocent Amhara women and children and violently evading Amhara land with false and greedy claim as if it is Tigray’s territories. Now they have proven to be the mouthpiece of TPLF and not assisting the poor and hungry Tigrans that need humanitarian assistance.

    Their comments and accusation are always one sided to fulfill TPLF’s greedy and brutal wishes and ambitions by ignoring reality and the historical facts of Ethiopia and Amhara before TPLF changed it only 30 years ago.

    Many respect to all Ethiopians who stayed true to yourselves and cherished and hold on tight to your unity and stability despite the doom and glooms westerners and TPLF false prophecy!!!

  2. Subject: “Ethiopia to expel some humanitarian organizations over arms smuggling” borkena.com, July 15, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 16 July 2021
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  3. Dear resen,
    Although we are entitled to our own own opinion, we should not form generalized opinion and paint everyone with the same paint brush. Greediness and selfishness goes both ways. Good caring and flexible personality, honesty, kindness, selflessness and integrity have more to do with good upbringing , faith and with some form of education. In fact hunger for power is more seen with the less or no education because they are arrogant, they do not have the knowledge of modern world politics and those people mostly have rigid personality that that they unable to accept mistakes and knowing what they are missing is not there.
    They are targeted and sought out by foreign powers because they will easily be exploited, swayed to any demands and orders. Their scope of knowledge is limited to themselves, ego and ambitions. Cutting short to the power seat is the only aim.

    Why are we going too far when we have the best examples! Look at TPLF gangs that almost all of them have no formal education that went beyond 3td grade. Once they grabbed power suddenly they become doctors of this and that with fake degrees. But they are dame hungry for power and money that has no limit to what they will do to keep it!! Just look what they have done during the 27 years of TPLF power and now, how many lives they killed, when they lost that power and chance to keep looting.

  4. What! “humanitarian organization” what a jock! they are licensed terrorist organizations under the labeling of “humanitarian organization” serving their white supremacist masters, the united state of Amerikkka and western Europe, period end of the story.


  5. Hey Y’all! They should be banned! All of them should be banned!!!
    Hey Ittu! Last time it was ‘I’m not eating’ and then ‘I’m not going’ What is it now?
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    Yes. I just got off a conference call him on one line and my longtime homie Debre on the other. Bobby told me he just called the Olympic Committee and ordered them to ban the Ethiopian Olympic team.
    Why? What did they do?
    Debre sent him photos of every athlete participating in the war in Tigray. He also sent Bobbie videos of every one of them forcing children as young as 4 year old to carry weapons and fight.
    Wow! That is very incriminating. Can that be independently verified?
    No. Bob’s and Debre’s findings are final. Also Haile Gebreselassie, Fatuma Roba, Derertu Tulu. The Dibaba Sisters and Kenenisa Bekele should be ordered to return all the medals and prize money they won.
    Why? What did Haile and others do?
    Because Bobby dug up from international archive located under his basement photos of Haile and the other guys mentioned above clapping and dancing for Dictator Castro when he visited their country in 1977.
    Wait a minute Ittu! 1977? That is impossible.
    Why? Why do you think that is impossible?
    Because, Haile, Fatuma and Derertu were just toddlers then. 5 or 6 years old. Kenenisa and the Dibaba sisters were not even born in 1977.
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    Even with their glorious history of peacekeeping where they paid the ultimate sacrifice in Korea and The Congo?
    You are wrong. Those were Sudanese(Korea 1950-53) and Namibia(Congo 1960-65) soldiers.
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