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Loathsome America – hands off Ethiopia (By Debru Negash)

America _ Ethiopia _ Debru Negash
Debru Negash

By Debru Negash (MD)

America’s hostile meddling in the affairs of Ethiopia, is an  outrageous affront to the sensibilities of Ethiopians and  Africans at large. However, that should come as no surprise to anyone who is conversant with the criminal history of this  truly evil empire. One need go no further than reading  Howard Zinn’s book, ‘A people’s History of the United  States’ to have a glimpse of the world’s loathsome super power. No wonder that this outstanding book that sheds  light on how America came into being and the workings of its government, is banned in that country. 

Yes, as recently as in the early 1900, one of America’s  popular games in the local fairs was ‘’ Hit The Nigger Baby’’. These fairs would set up a black baby or a toddler and White  clients would pay money for baseballs to throw at the ‘’ nigger baby’’ as hard as they could. The favourite highlight  was when the ball hit the baby’s stomach and the poor  babies throw up all their mother’s milk. The crowd would  cheer and the marksman would get a prize. 

America’s unrepentant national character 

The conduct of Biden, Blinken and their ilk today is a  testimony to America’s unrepentant national character and  its enduring callousness. America’s shameful history of wanton annihilation of millions of Native Americans is  followed by conquest and destruction elsewhere. The tragic  plights of millions of Iraqis, Syrians and Libyans speak 

volume. Evidently Christianity has not mellowed the primitive  instincts of these attired savages. Hence, their urge to  rehabilitate TPLF, terrorists worse than Taliban in Ethiopia. 

America’s deplorable hostility towards Ethiopia is long standing. But it is its feigned virtues which prompts this  scribe to speak his mind against the super-power’s  outrageous posturing. Ethiopia is an enigmatic black nation  that has repeatedly deflated the much-touted invincibility of  Europeans including their ‘master race’ the Romans. 

Manufacturing, cultivating & selling lies 

So, it is understandable that America and its European allies  are manufacturing lies in their bid to resuscitate an avowedly  anti-Ethiopian terrorist outfit, called TPLF which has also  pilfered Ethiopia’s national assets. One writer once wrote:  Lies runs sprints but the truth runs Marathons. Simply put,  falsehoods are soon exposed but the truth is enduring. The  TPLF is a terrorist entity. And America knows that. The West  knows too well that TPLF is a band of an inferior breed of  riffraff that is a traitor to Ethiopia and a traitor to the people  of Tigrai as well. By its own admission, TPLF had executed  over 40,000 of its ‘errant’ members over the years. Yet, the  genocidal wars the TPLF waged to decimate unsuspecting  and unarmed Amaras, Somalis, Anwaks, Afars etc never drew  the attention of the West. As one astute Southern African  observer noted, the basic tenets of America is to legitimise  and disguise their iniquitous rule by manufacturing and  cultivating and selling illusions deemed necessary to the  defence of their hegemony.

Fascist TPLF’s apartheid constitution 

Now a spent force, TPLF hardly represents Tigres, which  make only 5% of Ethiopia’s population. It targeted primarily  Amaras as well as other Ethiopians, namely Somalis,  Wolayitas, Anwaks and other Southern Ethiopians. It  imposed a constitution which was maliciously designed to stir  inter-ethnic strife and deny the preponderant majority of  Ethiopians from having a say in the affairs of the country. Over 30 million Ethiopians, most of them Amaras, as well as  others living in what TPLF arbitrarily delineated as Oromiya,  have absolutely no representations. Worse still, their very  existence is at the mercy of tribal officials who are no better  than murderous brigands eager to rob and savage them at  will. It is this sinister TPLF document that is behind the  ongoing blood-letting in various parts of the country. 

America would have summarily executed the TPLF 

The TPLF is terrorist outfit. If they were Americas, they would have readily been consigned to the gallows or get executed summarily. The catalogues of TPLF’s crimes are not  unbeknown to America. TPLF has committed multiple counts  of treasonous acts. From its outset, it started off as a tribal  terrorist organization which had been in the habit of mowing  down fellow Tigres under flimsiest pretexts. Its rank and file, comprise of an inferior breed of a depraved and deprived  miscreants who had imbibed destructive fascistic credo of  eliminating anyone deemed adversary. For the TPLF, the  prime enemy is Ethiopia itself. The unwarranted surprise

assault it unleashed on fellow Ethiopian forces garrisoned in  Tigrai, in which thousands of unsuspecting non-Tigrean  soldiers were selectively slain in their beds, is just a case in  point. To these contemptible lot, committing gruesome  atrocities is their national pastime. In their own crude way,  the delusional expansionist TPLF also harbours colonialist fantasies. Their unabashed claim on the historical Amara  lands, reveals the barrenness of their collective minds that is  matched by the arid soil they hail from. 

Whatever, the wishes of misguided America and its  European allies may be, the TPLF will be brought to justice, as  a matter of course when the day of reckoning beckons. Ethiopia neither forgives nor ignores the horror of the TPLF which has among other unleashed massacres of genocidal  proportion during its long tenure of terror particularly on the  Amara, Afars , Anwaks, Oromos, Somalis whose ancestral  lands it either annexed or sold. 

Any attempt to rescue the TPLF is a travesty of justice 

It is therefore, a great travesty of justice that America and its allies have the audacity to resurrect such an abominable  fascist force which Ethiopians are eager to bring to justice for  its gory atrocities as well as high treason. America’s futile  and unholy attempt to coerce the Ethiopian government to  see to it that Amaras and Afars cede their ancestral lands to  fascist TPLF, is tantamount to a declaration of war. No  Ethiopians, let alone the 50 million maligned Amaras will  brook America’s imperialistic lunacy. Let the TPLF and its  Western handlers, including America note, that Amaras will 

never ever cede an inch of their ancestral lands to these reviled and horrid creatures. We neither mind America’s  threats, nor are we the sort of people who would buckle to  an unjust foreign pressure. Abiy, whom his Pentecostal  Western handlers conferred upon a Nobel Peace Prize, is  unfit for Ethiopia which is nursing TPLF’s baneful apartheid legacy as he proved his incapability to dismantle it. But that is  our problem, not America’s. 

We are confident that the African Union and Ethiopia’s all weather friends, Russia and China will rightfully challenge the  unruly conduct of the US- the unprovoked assault on the  oldest continuously sovereign state on earth. I repeat,  Godless America is loathsome as ever. d Ethiopians will not  allow America to desecrate our sacred land by aiding a  terrorist TPLF which is infinitely superior to Taliban in the  intensity of its barbarity.  

The author is physician-pilot and an academic who has served in the United Nations as a senior Medical advisor.  His 52 family members were among the thousands of  Amaras massacred in cold blood at the behest of the TPLF

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