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Ethiopia rescinds unilateral ceasefire as TPLF ventures to Military adventure outside of Tigray

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed says we will reverse the attack from internal and external enemies, hinting an end to unilateral ceasefire 

PM Abiy Ahmed (photo credit : VOA)


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been taking its war south of Tigray and in the Humera- Wolkait regions of Ethiopia in the past few days. 

There were even confirmed reports that TPLF took control of towns like korem and Alamata in north central Ethiopia as the Ethiopian government continued to observe the unilateral ceasefire. 

Resurgence of TPLF military activity and recapture of towns that were under Ethiopian Defense Forces created confusion, loss of confidence in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration.  Considerable number of Ethiopians considered the Federal government silent when the TPLF opened war on the Amhara region even as a betrayal of the commitment to defend Ethiopians. 

On Wednesday, Mr. Abiy broke his silence – apparently after days of meeting with the national security council body. In a statement he shared on social media, he said ” We will put up resistance to the attack that our internal and external enemies opened, and reverse it.” 

He was not unambiguous if the ceasefire was rescinded after the TPLF intensified the offensive in different parts of Ethiopia. “We have demonstrated our thoughts to the people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and our respect to the International community,” he said. 

Even though we know that we will pay a measured sacrifice, he continued, “we have declared a unilateral ceasefire in order not to aggravate conflict, to give farmers a chance at planting season and to facilitate the distribution of humanitarian aid.” 

That was a last chance for peace, he added. 

“The Junta [ a reference to TPLF leaders] has once again proved that it is the primary enemy to Ethiopia’s existence, and we will mobilize our people and reverse it,”  he said. 

Furthermore, he expressed his government’s commitment to continue facilitation of humanitarian aid delivery in the region.

Child soldiers

Mr. Abiy also talked about child soldiers that TPLF is using. But his critics were pointed at the international community.  It has been talking about famine and humanitarian assistance in the region.

He said the international community did not even talk about use of child soldiers by TPLF – an entity that could not take the path to peace. 

Images circulating on social media among Ethiopians in the past two days  show kids as young as 12 and 13 years of age carrying AK 47 in a war zone. 

Korem, Alamata 

Barely two days after entering Korem and Alamata with celebration and a sense of “triumph,” TPLF forces reportedly retreated from Korem and Alamata towns.

The news,however, is not confirmed from government sources. 

Social media sources with links in the towns of Korem and Alamata report that TPLF forces have massacred dozens of civilians in what appeared to be a revenge killing. They were killed for working with government forces. 

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  1. The Protection and Safety of POA are a MUST. It is not conditional but a MUST!!!!!
    TPLF is the worse bunch of savage criminals of the modern history. Besides the exploitation of Children as child soldiers TPLF is violating the rights and protection of Prisoners of War (POW) that is classified in the Geneva Convention . POA must be treated humanly in all circumstances. They are protected against any act of violence. The detention is not a form of punishment, intimidation, insults and public curiosity. While detained accommodation such as food, medical care, hygiene, and clothing must be provided. TPLF is clearly violating all of them!!!

    All in all TPLF is looking at the biggest criminal charges of the century coming at them!! Getachew Reda’s, and all his TPLF gangs inside and outside of Tigray actions are surpassing ISIS, the modern day savages crimes. Every one of TPLF and its enablers, who knowingly are hiding crimes by giving it another spin, aiding and abiding and appearing on various media outlets speaking as if TPLF are good people must be charged with high crime!!
    Because TPLF big criminals are connected through bribes paid by the loot and marriages with people in the Humanitarian Organizations, the WHO, the EU and the UN, all of those organizations that the whole believe are their protectors and defenders are quiet as mice today. But Ethiopians have to keep on working to get justice for those respected brave POWs with such evidence that no one can deny has have happened.

  2. The TPLF has officially rejected the ceasefire by the government. Siege and blockage of the TPLF controlled Tigray iare the only ways to neutralize and get rid of the TPLF . This will also significantly reduce the loss of life on the part of the Ethiopian armed forces.

  3. Prisoner of War (POW) safety and their Health must be protected. TPLF is violating all their rights and must be held accountable !!
    TPLF is also forcing and abusing the lives of children by forcing them to go to war!!
    Where are the
    when their darling the TPLF that they go beyond shame to help is violating POW and Child soldier international and Geneva Convention rules and policies?
    The Ethiopian government is doing all humanitarian causes including allowing the fake humanitarian organizations to deliver food and medicine instead of weapons, propaganda against Ethiopian government and sophisticated communication devices to TPLF leaders.

    • QUOTE: “Where are the
      #EU “UNQUOTE
      Humble Commentary, 23 July 2021
      My immediate response is this &: Good Question — even though the answer has been known for seemingly time immemorial.

      Let us be HONEST. Those Groups, and others like them, were NEVER interested on THE BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE. Full Stop.
      What they wanted is the natural property of rich Africa . And they are smart enough to use AFRICAN INDIVIDUALS of every stripe, educated and illiterates, to achieve their age-old interest. Shamefully, African Individuals were, and still are, innocent instrument to the outsiders against their own blood and flesh people. Let us admit: NO ONE can surpass the ingenuity, along with cruelty, of outside marauders .The innocent and decent AFRICAN did not — and will never, in the future, match the devilish ingenuity of the White Race. NEVER. That is my opinion.
      By the way,it is hoped that our African Brothers/Sisters Group, by the name of TPLF, are aware that when the time is ripe, they too will be dumped in the gutter, having done the dirty work of the professional colonizers. In particular, it is hoped that the LEADER of TPLF would ponder over the whole situation, over which he may very well be a victim. His Doctorate Degree should be something of value to differentiate between sleek Alex and honest victim. It is worth remembering thy proud HISTORY of YESTERDAY from ALL ITS ANGLES — not from narrow deceiving angle of today.

  4. are you worried for those kids or you are inventing agenda ?

    sad for you ? crying …….

  5. Abiy Ahmed is an amateur; a busy cat playing with lions. He is responsible for destroying the Ethiopian army. He now has 5 years as PM to finish Ethiopia off.


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