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Addis Ababa business community to support Ethiopian Defense Force

business community _ Addis Ababa
The business community in Addis Ababa discussing current Ethiopian affairs (Photo : ENA)


Members of the business community in Addis Ababa are pledging up to one billion birr support to the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

It was during Addis Ababa City Administration led discussion, at the Sheraton Addis, on current affairs of the country that the business community pledged support.

According to a report by Ethiopian News Agency, Let. Gen. Bahca Debele and Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abiebie led the discussion.

Adanech reportedly said, at the meeting, that the Defense Force was withdrawn from Tigray by a political decision.  

Bacha Debelle on his part said that the Defense Force works on the basis of the principle of selfless sacrifice to the nation.  He also talked about the complicated situation that the army faced in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Let. General Bacha Debelle speaking at the meeting (Photo : ENA)

“Defense work needs something more than courage. In Tigray, the Junta worked to make the people fight against the Defense Force to make claims of genocide by the Ethiopian Defense Force,” he added. 

So we withdrew from the Tigray region with the intention to give people in the region a chance to reflect about the situation. Government calls it “silent time”. 

A committee is organized to oversee the fundraising drive and collect the money in a matter of one month. 

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  1. I think most ” ethiopians” think by pouring out to international everything what is happening in ethiopiaand issues, beneficial. I dont think so, ethiopia is now obternatiknally being discussed,the hovernment of ethio disorganized and unable to control media within and outside. Some discussions that could target ethiopua diesmt have to be out inpublic, you are giving predictions and intentions to others tgat affect ethiopia. By the way socialism is coming to U.S because one can tell whethe government is taking control and no longer what it used to be democracy.


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