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Seleshi Bekele addresses questions from journalists after his presentation at UNSC


Seleshi Bekele on Thursday made a case for equitable use of the Nile at the United Nations Security Council.

Soon after his presentation, he spoke to journalists. Watch video below

Video : Embedded from United Nations YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Besides the usual diatribe, are there any diaspora? Intellectual? Professions? Where the heck are you? Are you not suppised to create movement to stop the upcoming atrack on Ethiopia? I am mot talking about protest! Really go out talk to your constituencies around europe an N Amerca! T he people of Europe and N America like Ethiopoa, make yourcampaign the populations there is agression against ethiopia coming from Arabs and U.S governments. Participate in themeetings of ethippia issues, conference and UN. Tge hero Abebe Gelaw made amazing act when he exposed Meles Zenawi in the middle of conference. U. S is controlled by dangerous group, expose these groups, do the same that the hero Abebe Helaw did. Sto freezing!.

    Ethio government: when tplf is spreading misingormation do you mot have proofs for 27 years and past and recent crines to display it internationally to ecpose tge crines against ethiopians? Why are uousilent when ethiopia is being accused falsely internationally? You have now thesupport of majority, put them to work! Spread tge crimes of tplf around the world. You have to tell internationsl and on UN how tplf is falsifying it is ethiopia attacking tigray whe we know tplf ishiding within tigrayans falsely telling tigrauans tgey will dominate which is mot true, tgey are being used against ethiopia and eventually the foreigners will clean tigrayans. Tigrayans you better wake up, when you turn around later, no one will be there when you are attacked eventually by the same forces you helped attack ethiopia. The ethio government, olf is sitting and waiting green lighr from the foreigners, especially, the egyptian trained terrorists have already entered in ethiopia whem Saudi sent ehiopians out of saudi arabia. Why is thissilent from diaspora? Show the crimes of Saudi to the wprld against ethio immigrants. Fake pride doesnt get you anywhere, esp tge elite diaspora.

  2. Once again, it is the whole trap against Ethiopia played by Arabs, Eritrea, Israel and West and they all fet what they want. The Ethiopian government hasbern duped by Shabia. How? We know during Tplf Shabia refised peace because it wanted revenge on certain members of Tplf and mot necessarilt Eritrean descendants tplf. Unless tge ethiopian government is for sure will win, to give ethiopians false hope means leading ethiopians to slaughter house so tge hovt must tell the truth on secrets, to people.
    It took 60 years struggle to break apart ethiopia by liberation fronts it is the project of arabs, west and israel after killing the king. To think that this biolence against ethiopiawill stop means it is a joke to them. This is why aby hovt saw things easily when shabia came to ethiopia. During ousting of tplf from addis and into mekele, Dawod lbsa olf entered into Tigray peacrfully via Tigray. If shabia friendly intentions, how is it thatDawd Ibsa, who lived in Eritrea organizibg olf was let ho from eritrea and into tigray peacefully while still has arms inits hand as olf came in tigra? They were welcomed by tplf sebhat nega. The view of olf and dawd ibsa dif mot change till this day, even after shabias reconciliation with aby hocernment, olf was let in via tigray and became tplf wing changing its name from olf to olf shenne. This shows shabia still has had bad intentions tiwards etgiopia and amara. Tgerefore, as aby government was set up to accept shabia, how come it didnt ask questiom about dawd ibsa an olf coming in to tigray and ib ethiopia? Who ordered for exteremists olf, dawd ibsa, jawar mohammed, to be let in erhiopia when aby government took over? Tgerefore, it is/ was all set ip. Who are were m isleading the pppulation to anti U.S from beginning insteadof talks and negotiatiom. As attacked nations by U.S, china and russia will bever interfere eccept sell arms, tgerefore, if ethiopia opposes U.S who do tgey have guarantee friebdly to protect them? We know arms only does mot help. Tge Saudis amd Ehypt and israel had as lready started wars with tge backing of superpowers who never lost war. Yes, the Goliath will win. As the movement of liberation fronts is racist backed by colinialists abd racists, perhaps. The name Ethiooia will be off map, thismeans, tge mame ethiopia will be gone from bible just lije olf in germany replacing it with kush. Pergaps, the power this time will be in North as obe nation among tigray and eritrea and tge hoal is to replce ethiopias power away from central and south to north and separate north from meniliks power in central and south and away from shewa. So this has been tge pkan all along, south and cebtral would be oromiya.


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