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Over 2000 Tigreans reportedly crossed to Eritrea seeking asylum


Photo: Archive of Tigrayans approaching Eritrean border in 2018 (EP)


A report by Eritrean Press, on Wednesday, said that over 2000 Tigreans crossed to Eritrea since last week. It apparently came after the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew troops from the region. 

The Eritrean Press quoted a source on condition of anonymity as saying, “the government of Eritrea has registered the refugees and providing humanitarian aid and shelters.”

“The refugees crossed the border to Eritrea after the terrorist TPLF group started killing innocent civilians labelled as ‘supporters of the interim administration’ after the Ethiopian National Defense Force’s withdrawal from the war-torn Tigray region as part of the declared ceasefire,” said Eritrean Press. 

Source : Eritrean Press

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  1. Whether Eritrea is friendly nation to Ethiopia with current government is not the issue. Eritrea is a nation outside of Ethiopia and must always do what benefits it and also as a nation, it will have more pressure from foreigners to affect Ethiopia whether it likes it or not. So, history will repeat itself, Weyane going into Eritrea could be another Weyane movement creation against Ethiopia. Again, we will see if the frienship between the two countries is real or not whether they buy into foreign advice or not.


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