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Ethiopia’s inflation increases by 24.5 percent last month

Graphic source : ENA


Ethiopia’s inflation for the month of June is up by 24.5 percent compared to the rate registered in the previous year for the same period. 

The report by the Central Statistics Agency indicates that the increase was worse for food items.It increased by  28.7 percent compared to the increases last year.  

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), cereal, especially maize and barley,prices are unprecedentedly high. 

The prices of meat, butter, spices, coffee and pepper have also shown remarkable  price increases. 

For non-food items the increase is only 19 percent, the report added. Alcohol, clothing, construction materials (including cement, corrugated aluminum sheets ) and residential rental saw price hikes. 

Compared to the month of May, inflation went up by seven percent in June. 

There has been constant outcry about the non-stop increase in the cost of living in different parts of Ethiopia.  As is the case most of the time, it is worse in Addis Ababa and other bigger cities in the country. 

The FBC report did not specify the factors that contributed to the rise in the rate of inflation. 

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