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Ethiopia’s Dam Second filling in line with DoP agreement says an expert

Second filling _ Ethiopia _ GERD
Gedion Asfaw (Photo : ENA)


Gedion Asfaw, member of the Ethiopia’s GERD negotiating team and convenor of the team of experts , said on Wednesday that the Second Filling of the Dam that is underway is in accordance with the Declaration of Principle agreement signed between the three countries (Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan) in 2015.

He remarked that the international community needs to examine distorted information that Egypt and Sudan are releasing regarding filling of the dam. 

Furthermore, he added that the agreement has ten articles, and experts from Egypt and Sudan know that there was an agreement regarding filling of the dam. 

Mr. Gedion also added that the three countries have agreed to undertake a study on the impact of the dam but it never happened due to stubbornness from Egypt and Sudan. 

Egypt and Sudan have been putting pressure on Ethiopia, including via the agency of the Arab League, with the objective of securing what they call a “binding agreement” before the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. 

Ethiopia rejected their position on grounds that it violates the declaration of principle agreement that was signed in Khartoum in 2015. 

The Second Filling of the Dam, which started earlier this week, is expected to be completed once Ethiopia retains 13.5 billion cubic meters of water by exploiting the heavy rain the country is receiving currently. 

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