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TPLF unleashing revenge executions in Tigray after gov’t troops withdrew

TPLF reportedly engaged in extensive revenge massacres in the Tigray region after Ethiopian government declared unilateral ceasefire 

TPLF _ executions


Multiple local sources report that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been unleashing revenge massacres in different parts of the Tigray region of Ethiopia after the withdrawal of Ethiopian Defense Force from the region. 

In Adigrat city alone, at least 200 civilians are summarily executed. TPLF identified the victims as collaborators of the federal government forces, according to Geez Media. 

There have been similar executions in Mekelle and other towns in the region. 

Eritrean refugees based in Tigray have been facing a similar situation. Dozens of Eritrean refugees with no involvement in the conflict are massacred too. 

Ethiopia’s state of emergency task force has confirmed widespread killings in the Tigray region by TPLF forces after the Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew from the region. 

Humanitarian aid organizations who had been relentlessly reporting about alleged human rights violations by Ethiopian and Eritrean troops, after the TPLF was defeated in December 2020, are not mum about the summary executions. 

It is not given appropriate coverage by western media outlets either. 

On Tuesday, the Minister for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea disclosed on Tuesday that the TPLF forces have been engaged in extensive revenge killings in the region after the unilateral ceasefire was declared. 

Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel twitted :  “TPLF is on a rampage of revenge killings & wanton massacre of civilians, including in “refugee” camps.  Yet, these atrocities & all TPLF illicit acts continue to be grossly shunned by the politicized UN agencies (OCCHA, UNHCR etc.), certain governments & affiliated media outlets” 

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  1. QUOTE: Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel twitted : “TPLF is on a rampage of revenge killings & wanton massacre of civilians, including in “refugee” camps” UNQUOTE

    IT SAID IT ALL.. And one is tempted to add, more HORROR will come. Stay tuned. It is the characteristic of twisted individuals who will do anything to satisfy their egos and inherent twisted mentality. Hitler was the epitome of world example. In our Dear Africa —- the extreme end of the spectrum —-we have our own petty little dictators. Unlike Hitler, they hide like petty rats and come out when the climate is conducive to pick up their nuts etc. They have no principle, no determination and no guts to be responsible for their own acts up to, and including, sacrificing their LIFE. NEVER!!! Gallantry and Principle are not their natural traits. What they do is to entice others to do the dirty work they have in mind, for their own single benefit. It is exactly the trait of a rat.
    “CRY. MY BELOVED COUNTRY” ETERNAL THANKS to Alan Payton for those gem of words, for eternity.


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