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By Wondimu Mekonnen, UK 

The Tigray Liberation Front terrorists are repeating their 1985 style deceit once more. In 1985, Sir Bob Geldof brought together British and Irish musicians to help famine victims in Ethiopia, mainly in Tigray and Wollo Regions. Hopefully, everyone remembers the song “Do they know it’s Christmas.” The charity personally distributed the food aid in the affected regions. However, the TPLF approached Bob Geldof and moaned. The people in the territory it controlled could not get the help. The Charity gave them £25,000,000. The TPLF claimed the food would be bought from the Sudan and transported into Tigray to feed the starving. However, as per Gebremedhin Araya, one of the defected rebel leaders of the time, no penny was delivered to the starving people of Tigray.  Some were spent to purchase of weapons while rest were used to enrich themselves by investing it in “The Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), private property of the TPLF. Marin Plaut wrote about it and presented on the BBC in 2010. Now it is 2021. The TPLF is playing the same game. They think they can always fool everybody all the time.

It is to be recalled that the TPLF who administered Ethiopia for 27 years with gross violation of human rights. It looted the whole country and moved billions of dollars abroad. It was removed from power in 2018 through popular uprising. The USA and UK were the ones who helped them to power in 1981. During the 27 years TPLF’s administration of Ethiopia under the banner of EPRDF, there were bloodshed everywhere. The Amharas were branded enemies of the Tigrayan people in their manifesto and slaughtered and thrown of off the cliffs in thousands. Their lands were taken away and evicted from ancestral territories. Metekel was taken away from Gojjam. Welqait Tegede and Humera were taken away from Gondar. Raya was taken away from Wollo. Blood shade continued in those regions, but no single Western power protested about it. They turned blind eyes to the gross violation of human rights in Ethiopia by the puppets they installed to pillage the country. Ironically, now when the Amharas regained their rightful ancestral lands over these areas, western powers lament and call for the withdrawal of Amhara Special Forces. This really is a double standard. The Amharas are now in areas where they were brutally evicted thirty years ago. Once TPLF was removed from powers, Ethiopia started getting the attention of Western powers, thinking that it is getting away from their grips. They West wanted to keep Ethiopia underdeveloped living on handouts. The TPLF proved to be their tools to control the land and the people. TPLF enriched itself by selling vast fertile lands to the international agro-conglomerate by evicting indigenous people. As soon as the TPLF lost its grip on power, rather than joining in the reform, its leaders chose to move back to their Tigray enclave and started preparing to relaunch attack to regain power in Ethiopia. No amount of pleading, mediation would make them change their minds. They boasted they had the weapons and human power to overthrow the Federal Government. They went on to execute their plan to come back to power by force. They badly gambled and lost.

On the night of 03/04 November they attacked the Ethiopian National Defence Force and slaughtered almost 36,000 unsuspecting soldiers in their beds. The defence force was stationed there to protect the people of Tigray from a possible attack by the Eritrean forces, for the last 23 years. The Federal Government of Ethiopia moved its forces into Tigray to establish law and order. Within just three weeks, the TPLF attack was halted, some of its leaders surrendered, others killed in the battle, and few escaped to the ragged mountains of Tigray to continue guerrilla war. Their Western mentors panicked because they never expected that would happen. While on the run, the TPLF massacred 600 civilians in a matter of hours at a small town called Maikadra, bulldozed airfields, blew up power stations, destroyed bridges, cut of telephone wires, and plunged the region into darkness. Their spokesperson, Getachew Reda was heard on the video vowing to continue with the destruction of big infrastructures, particularly bridges and roads to make the people of Tigray miserable and encourage them to join the fight.  In the meantime, all the destruction caused by the TPLF had to be blamed on the government, so that the Western media bought their lies. The so-called Tigray refugees (interestingly most of these refugees migrated to the Western world by the TPLF itself while still in power) came out on the streets of cities of the Western World (USA, UK, and Western Europe) and rolled on the pavements (እምበር ተንከባላይ) claiming “the Ethiopian Government was massacring Tigrayan people, raping Tigrayan women, starving to death the entire population”. 

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  1. Subject: THE MASTERS OF DECEIPT ARE AT IT AGAIN By Wondimu Mekonnen, UK  July 5, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 6 July 2021
    Deception is universally human traits in various intensity, starting from the slick who is expert in manipulation all the way down the ladder to novice who is crude, cruel and savage without any tact.

    The underdeveloped categories in our universe are the best example for those traits. We AFRICANS are good at it. In fact, the so-called best educated Africans — with their doctor of philosophy papers from well known world universities — are the very best maneuverers that a Continent can produce. Look around in our beloved “DARK” Continent and see, with admiration, the very best sleek operators, milking their own Africa to its bones.

    Look around. You will not miss them. They have labels accompanying their names in good times. When the ‘climate’ is not conducive, how ever, they are the best forecaster and the first to run away and hide themselves without shame, regardless of what it takes. In short, they are their own GREATEST LOVER & COWERED that Nature produced!!!!.

    Look around; you will not miss them because they LOVE to show-off and talk and talk …………endlessly. They have no shame. A complete society can be destroyed and you will not see a sign of ‘sweat ‘ on their faces. They are devoid of any sense of feeling for others. It is the poor ordinary people who bear the suffering of any intensity. Indeed, it is NOT a fair world. FULL STOP.


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