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Ethiopia, Djibouti renew commitments to transform livestock export

Ethiopia, Djibouti renew commitments to transform livestock export

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Aimed at transfiguring the conventional & costly ways of doing the livestock export business, Ethio-Djibouti Livestock Export Promotion Forum kicked off on Sunday (July 4, 2021) attracting scores of high-level officials from each side, several experts from relevant stakeholders as well as dozens of exporters in the sector.

Ministers such as Dr. Fikru Regassa & Ahmed Mohammed Awaleh of Agriculture, Mohammed Warsama of Trade and Tourism, Ambassador Berhanu Tsegaye, Youssouf Moussa Dewaleh of the Chamber of Commerce & his Ethiopian counterpart, Melaku Ezezew, Acting Chair of Port & Freezone Authority, and many more have made remarks at the opening session.

During the session, speakers noted that the two countries couldn’t benefit from the sector as much as they should due to lack of state of the art quarantine centers, the illicit live animal trade, some agents playing damaging roles to illegally amass profit from the sector, the scarcity of a well regulated and suitable animal resting area, etc.

It was mentioned during the talks that to ensure Ethiopia and Djibouti, as exporting countries as well as an important exit-way to destination countries, efficiently benefit from the sector; the governments of the two countries have undertaken various measures.

To mention a few, the Private Public Partnership agreement signed between Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture and a private company from Saudi Arabia in March this year is hugely expected to up-scale the quarantine system in Ethiopia to the level that meets the expectations of the global market.

It was also stated that the second important achievement is the newly inaugurated Doraleh Multipurpose Port (DMP) Livestock Terminal that is expected to enable Ethiopia to reap the benefits it deserves by ensuring seamless transportation of animals to their destinations without having to spend costly time on health check-ups as has been the case in the past.

Presentations were made on challenges & opportunities of the sector, an overview of the new terminal and the animal health system, and a brief note on mille quarantine.

The meeting will continue tomorrow at the DMP where a visit will be made to the new DMP livestock resting terminal.
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