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Ethiopia undertaking GERD second filling, Egypt & Sudan notified

Egypt says GERD second filling violates international laws and norms, and the Declaration of Principle agreement 

GERD Project (Photo : SM)


A week after  withdrawing the Defense Force from the Tigray region following a unilateral ceasefire, Ethiopia is undertaking the Second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

On Sunday, the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy board and Ethiopia Electric Power authority were at the project site to evaluate the progress of  the construction before the second filling, as disclosed by Seleshi Bekele, the Minister for Water, Irrigation and Energy. 

Over 80 percent of GERD construction of the locally funded mega project is said to be completed according to the latest disclosure from the Ministry.

Mr. Seleshi Bekele has notified lower riparian countries in a letter written to relevant ministries. 

According to a report by Ahram Online, Egypt categorically rejected what it called a unilateral second filling of the dam. 

Egypt and Sudan have been pushing Ethiopia to sign a binding agreement, as they call it, before the second filling of the dam. Recently, the two countries requested the United Nations to pressure Ethiopia not to carry out the second filling of the dam before a binding agreement. 

The UNSC is expected to meet Thursday this week to discuss the negotiation over GERD. Ethiopia, on her part, wrote to the UNSC asking for an end to politicization of a development project, GERD, as a security issue. Also, Ethiopia has asked the UNSC to put pressure on Sudan and Egypt to respect the African Union led negotiation process over the filling and operation of the dam. 

The second filling of the dam is not something that violates the Declaration of Principle (DoP) agreement signed between the three countries in 2015, says Ethiopia. Egypt and Sudan see it differently. 

Mohamed Abdel-Ati, Egyptian Irrigation Minister, is said to have sent a reply letter to his Ethiopian counterpart in which he said that Ethiopia categorically rejects the unilateral filling and that it see it a “blatant and dangerous” that violates international laws and norms as well as the 2015 agreement between the three countries, according to a report by Aharam.

Ethiopia is taking advantage of the rainy season with a hope to retain 13.9 billion cubic meters of water, which is needed to start early hydropower generation with two turbines. 

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  1. I have been watching the weather radar and it has been raining in buckets for the last few days both on Lake Tana and right on top of the dam location itself. If el-Sisi and al-Burhan want to make a stink of this filling let them complain to Mother Nature, not to Dr. Sileshi bin Bekele. I love you Mother Nature!!! Keep raining on and right on mama!!!!

  2. Long live ETHIOPIA and the people of ETHIOPIA. For as long as ETHIOPIA remains committed to the truth, decency, in respect of others, and fearing GOD, bow to his HOLINESS, GOD will always be on the side of ETHIOPIA. Those who defy GOD, his guides, decency and disrespects the rights of others, use deceptive methods to take advantage of others, by virtues of lies and cheats will face the price of bad eventualities to that of Biblical proportions and fall face down to their demies, the rise of ETHIOPIA by virtues of GOD is imminent, is scripture, therefore the fall of her enemies is reckoning to the unimaginable proportions.


  3. Just take a look at the weather radar and you will notice that Mother Nature is still pouring rain in buckets right on top of Lake Tana. Let me try to be dumb and ask you the most stupid question you have ever been asked. What happens when there is torrential rain falling near a river? It drains right into the river, right? Nobody is diverting the flow of the river to fill the dam. It just passes through the dam leaving the overflow behind, right? Sileshi bin Bekele didn’t even look at the river because he knows very well that it is impossible to interfere with Mother Nature’s due diligence. He did not scoop up even a teaspoon of water from the mighty river. Ya-akhi el-Sisi!! It’aa-adhub billaa-alek!!!! Be careful, that is!!!!

  4. What I don’t understand is that, why are Ethiopian officials are struggling in their English? Either read it in Amharic their own language and get it translated or Ethiopia did not seem to create one English speaker/reader over many years to address the international world? Is the diaspora who claimed to be educated, good english speakers fruitful at all in working with these Ethiopian officials to address the international world? Why are Ethiopian officials are exposing themselves in struggling with English language reading/speaking at all? Presentation is everything!!!

  5. Folks! I could not believe what I just saw!!! BBC has article on its website agreeing with what I have been saying all along about the previous, present and all future fillings of the dam. There is nothing anyone can do to stop the filling of the dam. When it rains in buckets flooding is a natural phenomenon to follow. Then the law of gravity takes over and water with all its buoyancy will follow its already existing route. Destination? Egypt!!! Uninterrupted and not a teaspoon stolen!!!! Here is the link for BBC’s article. bbc.com/news/world-africa-53432948
    I’m sure el-Sisi and his operatives are on the phone with BBC as we speak demanding a refund!!!!


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