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TPLF suffered casualties attempting to cross Eritrean border : report


Barely a week after Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) spokesperson, Getachew Reda, told media in the west that it plans to “pursue the enemy to Eritrea and the rest of Ethiopia,”  it seems that there was an attempt to cross Eritrean border. 

A social media update by Eritrean Press, one of the most reliable sources on Eritrean affairs,said on that TPLF forces suffered heavy casualties on Saturday while attempting to cross the Eritrean border. It happened on the Rama front. 

“Heavy causalities today on TPLF forces trying to cross to #Eritrea|n border from Rama front. Source says that the scene is horrific. Ethiopia,” said the source. 

Eritrea’s Ministry of Information has not released any statement regarding the reported incident. 

TPLF, this week, rejected a unilateral ceasefire by the Ethiopian government  which led to the entry of defeated TPLF troops to Mekelle, capital of the region. 

The spokesperson called the ceasefire a “joke.” 

The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday called on the TPLF to respect the ceasefire. 

In a related development, there have been reports of widespread human rights violations against civilians after TPLF forces entered Mekelle and other towns in the region.  The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on Saturday issued a statement expressing concern for the safety of civilians in the region.

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