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TPLF behind destroyed Tekeze River bridge, says Ethiopian gov’t

TPLF _ Tekeze Bridge


Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check  Task Force on Friday said it is the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that destroyed the Tekeze bridge.

It was the international Rescue Committee that confirmed its destruction first on Thursday. 

The Ethiopian government claims that TPLF destroyed the bridge with the intention to obstruct humanitarian assistance delivery to the region. 

The destruction of the bridge is an arrangement on the part of the Junta, as the Ethiopian government calls it, to make humanitarian assistance to be delivered via direct flight to Mekelle. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force is reportedly working to install a temporary military bridge and deploy guards to protect it. 

TPLF has rejected the ceasefire by the Ethiopian government by calling it a “joke.” It plans to carry on the war to Eritrea and the rest of Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian government, however, claims that TPLF is no longer in a position to pose a threat to the security of Ethiopia. Let. General Bacha Debelle, one of the senior generals who led the war, said that the army could return to Mekelle in a matter of a day if needed. 

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  1. Fake news. With the view of protecting themselves from the TPLF forces, Amhara army broke the Tekeze River bridge.


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