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Is the sense of enmity that TPLF has created in the region desirable to the people of Tigray? Is it sustainable?


In an interview with Andafta Mdia, Ohad Beniami raised numerous interesting points regarding the situation in Tigray and the region including Eritrea.

Is the sense of enmity that TPLF has created in the region desirable to people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia? Is it sustainable?

How will the situation evolve in the post Isaias Eritrea and what is the sentiment regarding the TPLF’s project of Tigray-Tigrigne state in the region?

Check out the interview below ( in Amharic)

Video : embedded from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. The bitter truth!!

    whether Ethiopuans like it or not, From above discussion, and many Muslim Ethiooians and Eritreans are just observing the ancient christians have been eating each other for the pas 60 years which was a
    started by Islamic Jebha of Eritrea supported by Egypt. The West andnArab wahabi have always benefited eachother against other natiions, while Islam isbgivenbthe influence to spread into these nations, the economy gets controlled by West so there has always been symbiitic relatiin between the Islam and West countries. Today 80% of the Eritrean population have increased already becoming Muslim due to Eritrea as Arab league member and accepting Arabic language. After death of lsayas of Eriteea, Islam will fully dominate Eritrea. It is said Isayas may have Turkish blood? there fore that is why he didnt care about whether Eritrea becomes Islamic or not. It is sad is that, the staunch Eritrean nationalists who are christians have already left the country and still dream the country they fought for will be waiting as they left it. The country is already gone to Arabs. Next, the Tplf Meles has already installed in Ethiopua Muslim leaders in 9 regions. If true, Aby was carefully selected by Isayas foe him being part Muslim. This means Ethiopia is already on the way establishing Islamic state and making christians minority. The actual network and benefit between West and Arabs is working again here in Eritrea and Ethiopua turning these countries away from Christianity and to be Muslim countries. Isayas via West, Turkey and Egypt (invisible hands) are working turning thse nations Islamic within 20 yeaes time like Moldives, like lindonesia, like Tanzania. While l am not against Aby, but it looks like through message of “equality, democracy..” christians will soon be crushed. Watch.

  2. Continue:

    The war against Ethiopia started iver 60 years ago, it is now make or break from Arab-West alluance, it is not just one reason:

    By creating lslamic Ethiooian natiin, Arab leaders have benefited crusing their population by disteacting them with Islam fundamentalism and their women head cover thus, weakening their populatiin which is required for West to be powerful. Ethiopia’s fate is the same.

    Ethiopia resisted colonization therefore must be punished

    Ethiopua must be bacward so Nile will be taken away from her so that she doesnt develop and feed her children, her history, her originality, her faith as well.

    The appointment of Aby government is really about against the populatiin, have been mislead via Isayas who have now gained extensive experience the natire of workd politics, most of all he understood West politics. Through the advice of his foreign masters who will eventually domimate this region, 1) he created this war between Ethiopia and West by pushing the government more towards China and Russia to creat more animosity against West. When in fact the depolomacy can be balanced for Ethiopia with all countries. The recent protest in Addis against U.S is a set up to get Ethiopia attacked by West and U.S and therefore weaken the country. 2)lsayas knows his promotiin of Horn of Africa with regional countrues integration was already planned long time ago and this happens after they break up Ethiopia and givng dominatiin for Eritrea as leader in the horn of africa umion. However, when lsays gatheted so.alua and ethiopia, he knows it is to get ethiopia targeted as trying to be the power in the region which U.S /British dont want power influence by independent Ethiopia. However this policy was probably set up by few West clicks with Isayas to create war between Ethiopia and West. Eritrea is already in the Colonialist axis, like Sudan,like Egypt, etc, therefor he Erirea already has green light to be any power she wants like Egypt etc. However not for Ethiopia and he knows. Therefore Isayas has already musled Ethiopua as ordered to break it up by creatimg such animosity between West and Ethiopia. Note, lsayas was most likely ordered to mislead ethiopua leadership for war confrontatiin thar qoul definitely weaken or break ethioupia. Note. Tplf of Meles started Nile not because he is natiinalist but to creat animosity between Egypt-West against Ethiopua. This doesnt mean ethiopua has no right for Nike if course she does, but the Nike implementayiin was designed for ill.motive.


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