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Debretsion Gebremichael reportedly made speech in Mekelle


Debretsion _ TPLF
Debretsion Gebremichael speaking to his supporters in Mekelle after Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew from the region earlier this week. (Photo credit : The New York Times)


Eight months after deadly conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, which was triggered when the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked the northern base of the Ethiopian Defense Force on the night of November 24 2020, Deberetison Gebremicael on Thursday made a speech to the  residents of Mekelle. 

According to the VOA Amharic service report, he said “the elected government in the region is restored.” He expressed his best wishes to the people and called on people to work with his government. 

A rumor has been circulating on social media claiming that Debretsion was killed in action during what the Ethiopian government describes as a law enforcement operation in the region. 

His forces entered the capital Mekelle earlier this week after the Ethiopian government announced a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew from most parts of the region. 

The Ethiopian government earlier this week said that it has spent over 100 billion Ethiopian birr to address the humanitarian situation in the region since TPLF was pushed out of Mekelle in December 2020. 

The TPLF has rejected the unilateral ceasefire. 

On Thursday, the bridge on the Tekeze river was destroyed, and the Ethiopian government claims that the TPLF is behind it. The intention was, according to the Ethiopian government, to obstruct routes for humanitarian assistance and to smuggle arms with direct flights to Mekelle. 
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  1. It was 100 billion in Eth. Birr which is about 2.5 billion in US dollars. That was in humanitarian aid only and in eight months. That is a lot of money for such still scabby riddled country. I expected that because the conflict was a matter of life and death situation for the country. But there was one story I never thought in my wildest dream I will hear it in my lifetime. I never thought USA would ever threaten the old country with every option it has on the table. To me that means including military action. Where did that come from? I am very sad and bewildered. I guess such sudden change of friendship is going to be the norm for policy makers in this day and age. Lately the threat seems to be meant for a particular group of people. There is reckless and a lot of demonizing is going on against our Amhara brothers and sisters. This group of people has a recent history of being victimized by vagabonds incited by those who live(lived) among us. Some officials in high government positions and so-called former state department officials are on the same bandwagon accusing wholesale the same group of people. It is time for my well read Amhara brothers and sisters who are well disposed in diplomacy to approach state department officials and explain to them the danger such demonizing rhetoric poses on innocent citizens in that region. Such efforts must be handled very, very carefully with no confrontational behavior. One such official seems to just copy the animosity a Certain Irish person May have against any English man and paste that on our Amhara brothers and sisters. I said ‘Certain and May’ and it is conditional. Such an effort must be relentless and devoid of any name calling or hostility. These very few officials seem to be spoon fed with biased accounts by those who never liked anyone else except themselves. These officials need an alternate counseling. Name calling and demonizing officials will not further the accord for such endeavor and must stop and must stop now. I also call upon my Oromo brothers and sisters who are well disposed of diplomacy to join their peers in their counseling endeavor. To me Amhara victimized is also Oromo victimized, Afar victimized, Somali victimized, Sidama victimized, Gambela victimized, Tigrayan victimized and every other ethnic group victimized and vice versa. Above all it is humanity victimized. We are all The Almighty’s sacred creation.

  2. Humble Comment
    If HISTORY is to mean something worthy, it will remember individuals of Tigray for the upheavil in a peaceful country that Meles Zenawi (Tigrayan) was contributing to the development of Ethiopia. Individuals of the same birthplace (Tigray) with 180 Degree out phase outlook when it comes to one ancient Country –Ethiopia. (!). Not a new phenomenon.

    I am mindful that Meles had his own weakness, together with his contribution, in the development of that ancient country , named ETHIOPIA.. Let
    worthy and credible future Historians be the judge. — not ‘fly by night’ emotional souls, hungry for self power at any cost to others.


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