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Ethiopian Opposition party leaders reacting to Tigray ceasefire

Tigray ceasefire was a wise decision informed by a sense of humanity say Ethiopian opposition leader, Beyene Petros 

Ethiopian Opposition
Beyene Petros, leader of Ethiopian Social Democratic Party (Photo : ENA)


The Ethiopian government calls the ceasefire it introduced earlier this week as a “silent time” for Ethiopians in the Tigray region of Ethiopia to reflect about what they want to do. 

The decision was said to be informed in part to enable farmers to seize the opportunity for the sowing season during the rainy season without disturbance from a conflict situation.

But it was also partly introduced to relieve the Ethiopian Defense Force from eight months of law enforcement duty in the region without much support from residents in the region. 

Information revealed by the Prime Minister suggests that the Ethiopian Defense Force was attacked by TPLF affiliated armed groups operating as civilians in various cities in the region.  

Some opposition parties in the country, including ones led by ethnic Tigrean politicians, are reacting to the unilateral ceasefire. Aregawi Berhe,  cofounder of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) who is currently leading Tigray Democratic Party as chairman, said people in Tigray region should not be collaborators to the terrorist group (he is making a reference to the party he helped establish in the late 1970s). He said so on Thursday in an interview with Ethiopian News Agency.

He also criticized the TPLF saying “it does not care for the people of Tigray but for its power.” 

Furthermore, Mr. Aregawi hailed Ethiopian government efforts to distribute humanitarian assistance since after the law enforcement operation back in December. 

The Ethiopian government announced this week that it has spent 100 billion Ethiopian birr (that is well over US $2 billion) to address the humanitarian situation. Part of the support was channelled to TPLF forces in a corrupt way by supporters of the party. 

Also, Mr. Aregawi condemned the political narratives that TPLF is advancing currently in pursuit of secession. 

Professor Beyene Petros, another prominent opposition politician and leader of Ethiopian Social Democratic Party, said  the Ethiopian government has done everything it can to support the Ethiopian people in Tigray under difficult circumstances.

He also said that the declaration of unilateral ceasefire was a wise one informed by a sense of humanity. For him,the law enforcement operation was undertaken diligently. 

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  1. It will be a miracle for the goons of TPLF to change their long held plan to ‘found’ a separate republic, They talked about and made it officially known in their published manifesto going back to the 1970’s. They tamed that notion somehow after they marched into Addis/Finfine. They realized in 1991 that there is a lot to loot. 27 years and a minimum $30 billion in US dollars pilfering later they now think it is time to make it official. It seems that they are getting direct or indirect encouragement from certain quarters in the West. Can you tell me one official from the developed nations who came out and condemned after the spokesman of the goons declared war on Eritrea and the rest of the people of Ethiopia? Name one. All they have been doing is still threatening PM Abiy and his administration with everything at their disposal. The PM has declared unconditional ceasefire but in response the goons of TPLF have declared a continuation of war against the rest of Ethiopia and Eritrea. I am trying to understand the motive/logic behind such miscarriage of justice/judgment. I think they are getting the wrong counseling from their foreign policy brain trusts. But it saddens me a lot. What worrisome to me is since the door is wide open in that region with the goons having it all alone, missile components and heavy guns will be flowing in under the guise of humanitarian aid. Very sad indeed!!!

  2. Subject: “Ethiopian Opposition party leaders reacting to Tigray ceasefire” borkena, July 1, 2021

    QUOTE: “Tigray ceasefire was a wise decision informed by a sense of humanity say Ethiopian opposition leader, Beyene Petros”  UNQUOTE

    Humble Short Opinion, 1 July 2021
    It is a move for wisdom for the benefit of the people of Tigray and consequently for the entire people of ETHIOPIA >>> an ancient Black African Country, parallel to ANY country in the ENTIRE GLOBAL WORLD. Similarly, in our Dear Black African Continent it is the only African country with that distinction. It says a lot. It must mean something.

    With the above background, fragmentation of such admirable history is bound to be the supportive negative example of image, portrayed by ancient colonial forces who were demeaning of OUR BLACK AFRICAN CONTINENT. They still do in refined form — always concentrating upon their ancient dream of emaciating the richness of the African continent, and dividing the Black African People, ensuring that they will not be obstacles to their long range dream.

    The Colonial forces are also doing fine with the mushrooming of African Dictators who are only interested on they private richness at the cost of their brethren the poor, honest, Black Africans. It is the classical tragedy of our Africa. It affects us all, regardless of how many diplomas or doctor of philosophy degrees we may have. We were never taught about ourselves, our history, our culture …. But always hypnotised by European History and even started to mimic what we cannot be. I always remember the necktie around my neck but, lucky enough, I was never chalked by it in fighting. I was a cowered to fight, anyway!!!

    Black Africa has been — and still is — manipulated to its core. And so, hopelessly, the words of Allen Paton fits well for eternity: “CRY, MY BELOVED COUNTRY” Indeed, NATURE has endowed us with free consolation of TEARS, freely flowing down over our faces. THE END

  3. I had said goodbye to the Tigray of the goons of the TPLF a long time ago. The writing was on the wall in big and vivid colors more so since the 1980’s. If they make it official the question on the minds of many is asking the cardinal question ‘Will their republic be sustainable alone?’ I think it will be. The trick that will do most of the job is, yes you guessed it right: Generous foreign aid. We will be told tourism is booming, potash revenue is going thru the roof, gold reserve has been brought at par with some of the Western nations, newly drilled oil field is gushing with crude oil yada yada yada!!! It will be commissioned by western media and their benefactors as a ‘freedom center’ for my Oromos(as long as they bring the population of Amharas to size and bully Djibouti into opening of its ports at a discount Mekele), Somalis, Afars, Sidamas, Gambelas, Benishanguls, Western Eritreans(They belong to Sudan), Black Maned Lion, Tweedy Bird, Kermit the Frog and the Oppressed People of Minnesota. De Waal will be its honorary MC and Davison the highly paid DJ. Folks I’m ready to apply for a new citizenship of The Democratic Republic of Tigray. Sorry I am the last applicant and you have to wait for the next official quota 10 years from now. By then you Oromos and Amharas will be extinct by slaughtering each other anyway! You losers!!!!!!

  4. There is video in youtube from West showing how Tplf must control its Western border to connect to Sudan so that ir can gain its independence, they will also get military assistance from Sudan and by air. The next qar is confirmed it is fir Tigeay independence. They also said they must crush the Mara military. Ethiopians ir Tigeayans dont get is that West is actually reducing ethiopuas population by pitting one group against the other


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