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Ethiopian government not responsible for anything in Tigray hereafter, says Ethiopia

Ethiopian government has been under pressure from Western powers on grounds of alleged human rights abuse in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. After withdrawing troops from the region, the government says it will not be responsible for anything in the region. 


It has been two days since Ethiopia declared a unilateral ceasefire in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which is now calling itself as Tigray Defense Force,rejected it saying that it is a “joke.” 

On Tuesday, Let. General Bacha Debelle, head of army mobilization work coordinator in the army, and Redwan Hussien, state minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, had a presser with local journalists regarding the decision of Ethiopian government to withdraw forces from the Tigray region.

“Ethiopia has to prepare for an external threat and the unilateral ceasefire decision is made on that basis,” said Let. General Bacha Debelle. 

Recalling that TPLF was able to fight conventional war against the Ethiopian Defense Force only for three weeks, General Bacha added that the Junta, as he called it, is no longer in a position that it will pose a threat to Ethiopia except that it will make the people vulnerable to war. 

Missiles and other heavy weaponry are relocated from the Tigray region of Ethiopia,  something which was not possible about a year or so ago due to obstruction from TPLF. That is one of the reasons why Ethiopian authorities, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, say TPLF is no longer a threat. 

However, he said that the group has been instigating Ethiopians in the Tigray region along ethnic lines to bring it in a collision course with the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Furthermore, General Bacha said if TPLF attempts military moves to Humera and Raya, areas where residents have been subjected to imposed identity, as they describe it, for the past three decades, the response will be a severe one. ፡

Redwan Hussien, on his part, said that the unilateral ceasefire is a political decision informed by humanity.  Farmers in the Tigray region could catch up with the sowing season in a conflict free environment. Mr. Redwan also said that the Eritrean forces have withdrawn from the region. 

He also talked about the diplomatic pressure on Ethiopia in connection with the second filling of  the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and joint military drills. “They are unpredictable, and the situation is compelling that Ethiopia needs to foster national capacity as part of the preparation,” he said. 

During a press conference with local journalists on Tuesday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed that his government spent over 100 billion Ethiopian birr in humanitarian assistance in the region after the outbreak of the war in November 2020. That is said to be 13 times higher than the region’s budget from the Federal government. 

TPLF leaders vow to take the war to  Amhara region of Ethiopia and to Eritrea, although many observers tend to think that the organization does not have that kind of capability. 

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  1. My homeboys Chairman Debre and Getachew Reda just shot me two emails to keep me abreast with the latest.
    1) Abiy’s ‘ceasefire’ does not tell the whole story. It was a total rout by the indomitable army of the ‘Gold Race’.
    2) The ‘Gold Race’ army has captured 356,623 soldiers from Abiy’s army, 425,986 soldiers from Isaias army, 1 million two hundred fifty six thousands(1,256,000) of Amhara Republic army, 128,650 soldiers each from the Afar Republic and Jijiga Republic armies.
    3) The captured hardware is so immense that it took 20 pages to list. The captured military hardware includes 267 SU-35’s, 650 M1-Abrams tanks, 1,250 T72 heavy tanks, 450 S400 long range missiles, 4,500 APC’S, 2,500,000 AK47’s etc… The list goes on and on.
    4) Both guaranteed me that with the help of satellite guidance from friendly powers they will march both in Asmara and Addis/Finfine before the 4th of July so they can celebrate their victories with the me and the rest of Americans. As they promised me they will send me a first class round trip ticket and I will be seated at the front row. You guys should be jealous I am chillin with my longtime homeboys!!!
    Jula, Bacha, Getnet, Abiy and Isaias are toast. The ‘Gold Race’ will rule for a thousand years to come!!!!

  2. I think Yougoslavia ethiopia is in the making…accepting self rule from tigray under tplf is tge same as eritrean style indrpendence. The more tigrat is islated and is anle to govern itself, it will seek outside/ foreign cooperation, probably erittreas too, this means ot is now too comgortanle it can survive by itself. Believe me, tolf tigray had already signed with foreigners, including Sudan in return, will get economic benefit. The clue tgat tplf said it diesnt want Amara means, a clue in not allying with ethiopua, which means it will also suppirt with helpif foreigners to give Addis to Olf to create Oromo state. Tplfis purposely distracting ethiopuans and the government for 2 reason: 1. To help Suda/ Egypt/Israel to take overNile. 2. To help them and colonislisys to break ethiopia. There is also tgepassive agressuve Shabia Factor. They all have agenda including some amaras working for foreigbers interest just like tplf, shabia and olf, trying to reset ethiopia tfey stated since over throwif tge king thatthrough their foreign master, to diassemble and assemble ethiopia? For example, creating abyssinia minus southern regions or to organize their iwn group minus other regions and call it ethiopia. Whatever the plan, you are substracting the regions and the people making yourselves weaker abd weaker yo the benefits colinialists and Nile seekers, whileyou are ibsessedwith power just like tplf, look in the end tplf as usualeating tigray for this agenda to hive foreigners the power in ethippia. Eritrea would no able to stand in its own if no become client state from outsiders. Tge same thing will be true for Tigray, Amara, Iromo and Debub regions, they all will be dependent on foreigners. Shabia is spreading musinformation about its self reliance and independence: it has foreign base, it relies on mant from outsiders. So for tge rest of its lives, it likes to hocern itself but it is insecure. The prpoganda itbus truly independent stands by itself is to send message to regions in ethiopua, be like me and independent. Tge reason right now tge focus being on Ethiopia benefits cointry like Eritrea. When Ethiooia equaluzes like eritrea, meaning when ethiopias regions becone like eritrea, small states, all becone client states and if madters dont like one against the other, then, war amongst regions will behin, already erotrea had tasted these wars from Tigray, so will one afainst the other. Obsession if getting your piece if pie will akways lead to wars coz of obsession and negative cimpetition among regikns, look hiw shabua talks against tplf and vice versa. Amara, will rather face more tgreat from both outside within, if ethiopia breaks, amara will be further atracked, used, maimed.

  3. It is true the Ethiopian government is not responsible for anything in Tigray. Since most Tigrayans are not helping their government that went to help them to rid themselves of the most lair, looter and cruel criminal TPLF. If the people were behind the government the operation would have been closed long time ago. Now TPLF and all those so called “humanitarians organizations” who only chose to listen and dance with TPLF should keep their mouth shut and help where help is needed. They are responsible for every good or bad that happens in Tigray.

  4. What is this video by the NY Times showing thousands of captured soldiers being paraded in the streets of Mekele today? It is a very sad picture. The video shows thousands of disheveled young men being paraded in the streets and other jubilant young people jeering them standing on both sides of the streets. Such images from a vicious circle don’t seem to let that country go after over 5 decades now. This is an evidence of a rout by the goons of the TPLF. It is a defeat of the ENDF and not a withdrawal as we have been told. I thought we were told by Abiy and Jula that the TPLF has been rendered incapable of waging a war. Then where all these captives suddenly came from? That dog don’t hunt for me on this one. There is one thing for sure coming up next. A military coup d’état will follow soon.

  5. Sosa, I agree with you 100%.

    Some people will have to learn about life the hard way.

    Those Tigrayans that were helping the TPLF while stabbing the EDF in the back who were deployed to protect them will now see the errors of their ways.

  6. Abiy if no careful whom he is around with, the foreigners/tplf have their people near Abiy, a coup d’etat could take place when Aby and Ethippians least expect it. Or, even by someone Aby trusts. It is a vicious world out there. It doesnt matter if Aby takes irders from foreigners or mot to ease tensions, they want him out and disintegrate Ethipia for Egypt, period. Aby must play to ease tension by what Rusia did, replace trusted individual that alliws pro ethiopian as leader, and later after 5 years can come back. In reality, there should be more pro Ethiopians that should lead without Aby worrying about it. The foreigners are contacting italy, etc under tge guise of ISis terririst has tad ken over ethippia, thatis why Saudi shipped terrirists to ethiopia recently, and they will soon be activated to legitimize the attack on ethiopia and take out Aby and install Oromia. Tpkf by then will gain strength to take over Welqait and possibly declare independence. That is why, Aby must mobilize all thepeople secretly, coz the nig mouth of abr, hovernment, ethiopians everywhere and media is giving foreignerscwho listen in, gives them clue the intentins of ethiopis and they counter that, the tplf and other mercinaries toonot just translate for thembut also they send them misingirmation thathurt ethippia further.

  7. Subject: “”Ethiopian government not responsible for anything in Tigray hereafter, says Ethiopia
    Borkena, June 30, 2021

    Humble Commemtaru, 3 July 2021
    Quote: “the [ Ethiopian] government says it will not be responsible for anything in the region.” Unquote. The implication, or declaration, of that statement is that Ethiopia has nothing to do with Tigray!?!?!?

    But interestingly, we got the reaction from Tigrayan. Here it is in its entirety: Quote: Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which is now calling itself as Tigray Defense Force, rejected it saying that it is a “joke.”  Unquote  Wow! Indeed, it is a reflection of a “joke” coming from a newly ambitious, farsighted, self- assured and liberated personality.

    What does the poor reader make out of this exchange? But more impoertantly, what would the affected ORDINARY PEOPLE of Ethiopia and the newly liberated Tigray think of the whole tit for tat exchange?!?!? NOTHING. The ordinary people of our dear Africa —- up to and including those with doctor of philosophy degree paper of 13 X 15 inch in size — have ALWAYS been obedient followers of their masters (local or foreigner). This is a fact that WE AFRICANS cannot deny. WE AFRICANS are the most manipulated people on Earth. WE AFRICANS are OUR OWN SLAVES to our own BRETHREN DICTATORS as well as to foreign colonial powers for seemingly time immemorial. We cannot deny it. It is cemented in our own history; in our nature. All the hallo-bulla of colonial powers of yester-years, appearing to help Africa, is just as the cliche goes : “FOR THE BIRDS”!!! THE END

    Post Script
    For all it is worth, good luck to the PEOPLE of Tigray in their new handed venture, and also sincere wish to the PEOPLE of the remaining ancient independent country around the Globe: Ethiopia.
    And may the few ambitious self-conscious and self-appointed LEADERS of POLITICAL VENTURES get what they deserve. NATURE has its way on every aspect of LIFE — and JUSTICE is part of it. Think of past history; and watch the development of the FUTURE.

  8. The new 21st-century nazi and fascist propaganda machine of the new york times has been in the front of the most audacious and daringly falsified and protracted videos being released yet to this day, to antagonize, intimidate and tarnish the good name and historical facts of the ancient land of ETHIOPIA and the Galant ETHIOPIAN DEFENCE FORCES, which has earned worldwide recognition, of its ethics and moral standings, and decades, years of unsurpassable peacekeeping missions around the globe, and undermine PM. Abiy Ahmed’s government, which has unheard-of nationwide wall-to-wall support. Nazis, fascists, white supremacists, colonial imperial powers, and their stooges like the new york times will be defeated once and for all, not to be heard of ever again.



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