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Ethiopia : Amnesty International concerned about civilian protection in Tigray

As Mekelle changes hands, civilians remain in urgent need of protection

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Amnesty International

Commenting after regional forces took control of Mekelle, the regional capital of Tigray, from Ethiopian government forces yesterday, Sarah Jackson, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes, said:

“Amnesty International remains deeply concerned about the safety of civilians in Tigray, who have endured months of fighting and serious human rights abuses, including war crimes, by all sides. As Ethiopian government forces retreat and Tigray regional forces re-establish control, protection of civilians must be paramount.

“We call on all parties to prevent further massacres and war crimes, including by ensuring no reprisal attacks are carried out by their troops or militias allied to them. All parties must ensure unfettered access to humanitarian aid for all civilians, and work to restore full access to communication as there is no access to the internet, print or broadcast media at the moment.”

The Tigray Defence Forces (TDF), the armed forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, regained control of Mekelle, the regional capital of Tigray, on 28 June following months of fighting with the Ethiopian army – the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF), its allied militias, and troops from Eritrea.

There are fears of reprisal attacks against civilians in Tigray by all sides  – retreating ENDF troops, their allied armed forces and militias in the neighbouring Amhara region and Eritrean forces and the TDF.

Access to information is currently hindered by a communication blackout, with no internet service, newspapers, radio or television broadcasts in the region.

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia : Amnesty International concerned about civilian protection in Tigray”, June 29, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 29 July 2021
    At the risk of appearing to be moron, I can’t help asking myself what the renowned Amnesty International Organization is doing in the affairs of Ethiopia which, at this time, is having serious problem with the famous TPLF? [Tigray Peoples Liberation Front, which accomplished its task a long time ago] In other words, how could the famous Amnesty International Organization solve the inherent Ethiopian problem? Let us put it on a different prism. Is the Amnesty International Organization ready to inject itself in any other Ethiopian problems that may arise from anyone of the nine provinces of Ethiopia — including Tigray, unit it is formally and legally separated from Ethiopia without sacrificing the Life of individual commoners. So far, the Famous Leader of Tigray, who was struggling to be the Prime Miniter of Etiopia [Yes, Ethiopia] is no where to be seen, let alone to indulge in a civilized negotiation. on separation from Ethiopia. No sane person in the world would wish to see the disintegration of Ethiopia into nine pieces. For heavens sake, who would gain in that situation? But we don’t have to ask who would be the looser >>>> of course, the common citizen who struggles daily to have a simple, humble, decent life for the family. Is that a crime? How about the ambitious individuals who milk the nation for their own private needs and comfortable life?!?!?! Is that what the Nobel International Organization is struggling to establish in the internal affairs of the current Ethiopia. Or is there some thing inherent for a long period of time that cannot be revealed. But we all know, very well. The history of subjugation for more than one hundred (100) years cannot be blanketed from the awareness of the humble, common people of the world. The United Nation should, at least, attempt to clean its house, though we are aware of WHO controls the mighty multitude Organizations around the Globe. THE END


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