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EZEMA vows to take election irregularities to court if board fails to address them

If the National Electoral Board fails to address complaints that EZEMA filed, the party will go to court said a statement by the party 

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Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice (EZEMA), one of the biggest opposition in party, and a pan-Ethiopian one as opposed to ethnic based parties,  that was established about two years ago did not do well in the election, although official results are not yet released.

In a press statement it issued on Wednesday,  the party highlighted its assessments of the challenges of political struggle in general and a political struggle in a country like Ethiopia in particular.

“It takes long and bitter sacrifices to lay the foundations of democratic system,” it said. It also pointed out that the task is more challenging in a country like Ethiopia due to the nature of the political system. 

“The political narratives in our country for the past thirty years magnified differences [ethnic-based ones] at the expense of unity which implanted grudges in the generation,” it said. 

EZEMA expressed its belief that the task of overcoming that will be difficult. “Although the effort to get out of the quagmire cost dearly,” said the party “it should be understood that it is the only option.” 

However, the statement hailed the participation of citizens in the election process for which the party has played its part. 

Yet, its assessment of the June 21 election does not seem to be a positive one. It said that it encountered problems at the pre-election and election stages of it. 

While expressing commitment until official disclosure of the results, EZEMA announced that it has filed formal complaints with the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia , and expressed hope that the Board will look into them and address them.  If that is not happening, the statement said that EZEMA is vowing to take the matter to court. The preconditions for it will be disclosed. 

Furthermore, the party said that it will make public findings of the Election Strategic Management Committee, which it established about a year ago. 

The party also plans to undertake the task of challenging the electoral board in a court of law and the task of preparing the party for the next chapter of political struggle at the same time. 

Many of the party leaders, including the party’s chairman, Dr. Berahnu Nega, are said to have lost in the election. 

Three days after the election, the National Electoral Board has not disclosed official results. The Chairwomen, Bertukn Mideksa, on Thursday hinted that they will be out in the next two days. 

The African Union Election Observer Mission (AUEOM) on Wednesday released preliminary result saying the election was credible and peaceful. 

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  1. Why is it a surprise that EZEMA and many of its leaders lost the election? Dr. Berhanu and his team are not tested; people still remember Dr. Berhanu as leader of Kinijit 15 years ago and that having won the Mayorship would not take their seat in parliament; Dr. Berhanu in fact fled for his safety and then appeared in Asmara with bad boy of the region Isaias Afewerki. Tplf subsequently went home to home wooing disillusioned Kinijit members! The public however has a record of Abiy and Biltsigina routing the hated Tplf and creating jobs, etc.

    • Ridiculous comment, politics is process, si is struggle for democracy. There are many in fact who started and ran out of fuel. Dr Berhanu did not collaborate with killing machine tplf like those who benefited by saceficing addis children and nuilt their buildings to make money helping tplf kill children. De berhanu has integrity inlike those not only who beteayed kinijit, but also worked with tplf. Those atracking dr berhanu and ezema are those who were in kininit to distract ethiopians the real culprits against ethiopuans and who worshipped tplf. Trying to hide their crime. By the way, such deceptive people like to hide among ethiopuans today to hide their crimes when they were with tplf: ludetu kehedetu and ermias legese cone to mind

      • Dear Lulu,
        I can see you are a supporter of Ezema. Your comments confirm my assessment of Ezema! Btw, I am not a supporter of PP! All I tried to do was to show how the public would look at PP, Ezema, NaMA, etc!


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