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An election that Ethiopia can be proud of (Kebour Ghenna)

By Kebour Ghenna _ Ethiopia _ Election
Kebour Ghenna

By Kebour Ghenna

Let me start by congratulating the winners of the 2021 national and regional elections on their undoubtedly well-deserved election, or re-election. You deserve credit for stepping up to do this hard work and for taking the inevitable heat and criticism that come with public office. You deserve credit for stepping up to do this hard work and for taking the inevitable heat and criticism that come with public office.

Prime Minister Abye Ahmed was the main winner of this election. He has stirred voters with a combination of hope and optimism, mixing a desire for national greatness with perceived threats from enemies internal and external. He benefited from considerable popularity among voters, many of whom view him as a hard-working, strong and committed leader, who positioned himself as the candidate for Ethiopia as a whole.

The results of these elections are a turning point for Ethiopia and cement the dominance of Abye. Something fundamentally has shifted with this vote, Prosperity Party is emerging as the hegemonic force in Ethiopian politics. The people of Ethiopia have decided that Abye Ahmed will be Prime Minister. And I believe Ethiopians should fully respect the people’s verdict. Kudo to his election campaign team!

We in the opposition parties did not do well as many had expected. My party, Ezema, was flattened and badly battered with a disastrous showing in Addis Ababa. It doesn’t matter what I think went wrong, the opposition parties should now regroup, undertake an intense internal debate over why they didn’t do as expected and whether they mostly stick with the status quo, or make substantial shifts in positioning?

It is critical for the opposition parties to have such debates, promote new young politicians and come up with a new vision. Even better, the opposition parties should try to cooperate and support each other. Five years is a short time in Ethiopian politics.

One useful advice for the winning party and its parliamentarians: As you prepare to legislate and govern, your political party’s agenda should be tempered and adjusted. Here’s a case for what the larger percentage of Ethiopians want, generally and specifically: Less economic inequality, less poverty, a stronger business opportunities, wider political freedom,  greater unity, more and better training and health services, access to decent housing, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and an economy and a society that benefits a larger share of people.

We understand these are no easy tasks but the outcomes are worth it.

And again, congratulation PP!


Editor’s note : The article appeared first on the facebook page of Kebour Ghenna

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  1. Voters’ primary concern is, Who is able to keep us safe from Tplf savagery? Second concern is, Who has a proven track record? The answer on both counts is of course Abiy Ahmed! What does EZEMA have to show for itself? None of the above! Even worse, people have not forgotten Dr. Berhanu and Kinijit from 15 years ago; Dr. Berhanu and his party would not take up the parliamentary seats they had won. Instead, Dr. Berhanu fled the country and later went to live in Asmara with Isaias, the fellow who played a major role in causing pain and suffering to two generations of Ethiopians! What about parties such as NaMA (Eskinder Nega, etc)? This particular party is known for negative campaigning. The only record we have of Eskinder and his party is that Eskinder was in jail for one reason or other! Eskinder NEVER did a thing that the public benefited from other than opposing Dr. Abiy and engaging in narrow nationalism! In fact as I write this NaMA has already put out a statement prophesying that Abiy’s government would not survive more than 2 years! I should add that, true to character, this sounds pretty much a violent statement.


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