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Ethiopia, Russia vow to deepen bilateral relations

Demeke Mekonen briefing Mr. Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister (Photo : MFAE)


Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister H.E. Demeke Mekonnen met with Russian Foreign Minister H.E. Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, Russia today (June 23).

During the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister briefed the Russian side on the current situation in Ethiopia.

He said efforts are underway to rehabilitate law enforcement in the Tigray region, provide unlimited humanitarian assistance, facilitate access to humanitarians, and investigate allegations of human rights abuses and bring perpetrators before justice.

Regrading the general elections, he said it was conducted in a peaceful manner and the results of the counting will be made public according to the program of NEBE.

Speaking about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Mr. Demeke said Ethiopia would continue to adhere to the African Union (AU) led negotiating process.

The two sides also talked about the Ethiopia-Sudan border dispute where the Deputy Prime Minister said Sudan’s use of the situation in the Tigray region as an opportunity to encroach into Ethiopian territory was not only illegal but also an immoral act that failed to reflect the longstanding relationship between the two countries.

He reaffirmed that Ethiopia’s efforts to resolve the border dispute with Sudan peacefully would continue.

According to Mr. Demeke, the Ethiopian people and government appreciate Russia’s continued support and commitment to Ethiopia’s sovereignty adding that Ethiopia is confident that this support would continue.

The Deputy Prime Minister also announced that Ethiopia is ready to host the Africa-Russia Forum in Addis Ababa next year.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on his part, said the steps taken by the federal government of Ethiopia in handling the situation in the Tigray regional state, including its commendable humanitarian assistance efforts are testaments to the moral and political competence of the government.

He noted that Russia’s participation in the Sixth National Elections as an observer was reflective of the long and historical relationship between the two countries adding that, his country is satisfied with the peaceful conclusion of the election.

He said Russia believes that the ongoing negotiations under the auspices of the African Union (AU) regarding the Renaissance Dam should be strengthened and Russia is interested in providing the necessary technical support.

He also lauded Ethiopia’s approach to peacefully resolving the border dispute with Sudan and resolving problems through diplomacy.

Russia does not support any intervention in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, he said affirming that the areas of cooperation between the two countries will continue to be strengthened.

Mr. Sergei Lavrov also appreciated Ethiopia’s stance for being ready to host the Africa-Russia Forum in Addis Ababa next year.

The two sides vowed to strengthen the bilateral relations, especially in education, capacity building, science and technology.

They stressed the need to expedite the implementation of agreements that have been reached so far and called for the speedy signing of agreements in other areas that the two countries have agreed to expand engagements.

The discussion between the two sides was fruitful and ended with their affirmation of commitment to continue the historic relationship between Ethiopia and Russia in various fields.

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  1. What do they mean by ‘vow to deepen bilateral relations’? Is this 1977-78 déjà vu? If it is then you may say kiss and good bye to the old country. If it is going to be something of relationship of non-alignment as it was the case during the late emperor’s time, then it may not be something that will lead to a raging inferno. But Putin seems to think he is on top of the world these days. He may think he can do anything he wants to do to others. We should not forget the fact that the current PM Abiy’s administration is not made up to Putin’s and also Xi’s liking. There must be others Putin or Xi may see as boot licking subservient just Mengistu used to be to Brezhnev. Abiy is too ‘democratic, tolerant’ to their despotic taste. Abiy is no Assad to Putin because Assad has always been a lapdog of the Kremlin going back to his dad’s days. Putin knew the pooch in Damascus all along. But he may not have that much of a comfort level with Abiy. You just watch! If the old country ends up on the dinner table in Moscow, it may take a year or two before Abiy is shown the door by choice or by otherwise. Then we and the world are going to see the entire 120 million citizens on the move. That is sleep depriving scary thought!!!

  2. The above rant about Assad and Putin is so ignorant. You can only believe the drivel that was written —that Assad is a lapdog if the Kremlin, that deepening relations with Russia is equivalent to starting communinsm in Ethiopia— if you are a sheep consumer of Western media. I recommend people pay attention to what is going on in Armenia and which countries tried their best to divide it and which countries were there to help out. Pay attention to what is going on in Ukraine and in particular who is funding the separation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the patriarch in Russia. I urge Ethiopians to tread carefully in their relationships with superpowers, but I welcome those nations who contribute to our economy and trade relations without the threat of foreign interference.


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