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Gunmen disrupted voting, killing three in Oromo region of Ethiopia

This is for a second time for the gunmen, who are believed to be linked to the Oromo Liberation Front,  to carry out attacks in less than a week 

Oromo region _ Ethiopia _
Credit : BBC Amharic


On Monday this week, it appeared as if the election was conducted peacefully in all the areas it took place. And it was reported by state owned media. 

As it turns out, there were security incidents that even claimed lives of law enforcement bodies and government officials as well. 

According to BBC news Amharic, gunmen opened fire on Monday morning targeting two polling stations in Liben Jawi District, West Shoa zone of Oromia region of Ethiopia. 

Election officers deployed to the region reported that voting was disrupted due to the incident.  A militia, one member of Oromia police and one government official were killed in the attack. 

Chairperson of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, Bertukan Mideksa, spoke about the incident during a debrief after the end of the voting on Monday but did not disclose the details of it. She rather described it as a “minor incident.” There was anticipation that security could be a major problem during the course of the voting, and perhaps she downplayed it in light of what was expected. 

The military wing of the radical Oromo nationalist Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) extensively operates in the region , and has links to people working in the government structure. 

Last Week, ten employees of Ethiopian Roads Authority and its regional branch were killed in the same part of Oromo region as they were heading home from a day-long work in a road project. 

In a related development, one law enforcement officer was killed in Amhara region of Ethiopia when a gunman opened fire at polling station on Monday.

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