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EU, US & their parastatals’ efforts to restore rogue TPLF disservice to peace

H.E. Mr. Joseph Borrell Fontelles
High Representative of the European Union
Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Brussels, Belgium

H.E. Mr. Antony Blinken
US Secretary of State,
Department of State
Washington D.C., USA

Genesis of the Tigray conflict

The current conflict between the Ethiopian state and TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front), as the ruling party of Tigray Regional State ensued the Front’s monstrous attempts at supplanting the legal Ethiopian government. To our disappointment, the Ethiopian Government has been assailed by those that could have expressed their concerns over human rights and the need to respond to humanitarian assistance needs of the affected populations better, without interfering in our nation’s internal affairs in keeping with Article 2 (7) of the United Nations Charter.

After April 2018, following its ejection by popular rejection, the TPLF has been conspiring to undermine the federal government by attempting to illegally seize power, inciting internal conflicts and bloodshed. This comes against the backdrop of its 27-year governance of Ethiopia, which by any international indices had miserably failed. This is seen across the nation Ethiopians rejecting it once and for all on account of its horrendous human rights records, corruption and internal ethnic-based discriminatory practices. Ever since 2018, the TPLF has been scheming to return to power and rule Ethiopia permanently—a nation of 117 million[1] citizens—Tigray comprising only an estimated six percent of the population. Moreover, some in the international media have been romanticizing the TPLF, whereas its past points to it being nothing more than a terrorist organization, as a US data shows.[2] A case of the romanticization started, following Tigray’s autocratic leader Meles Zenawi’s

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