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An American election observer found dead in Hotel, police investigating

John Marsh, an American who was an employee of Carter Center, was found dead in his Hotel room in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa 

John Marsh _ An American Election Observer
John Marsh (left) – Photo via EBC


An American election observer is reportedly found dead at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Addis Ababa.  He is identified as John Marsh and was an employee of Carter Center. 

The Carter Center confirmed the news. In a statement released on Tuesday, it said “The Carter Center is deeply saddened to confirm that John Marsh, a contractor responsible for managing the Center’s social media monitoring project in Ethiopia, died unexpectedly Monday, June 21, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.” 

Commander Fasika Fanta, Public relation director of Addis Ababa Police Commission, said, as reported by state media Ethiopian News Agency, he was found dead on Monday morning this week. 

It was one of the Hotel’s janitors who reportedly saw the dead body as she entered the room for cleaning, and she reported it to the police, it was said. 

When police entered the room, the body was found lying on the floor. Ethiopian Election observers badge and a driving license from the state of California was found in his pocket,among other things, according to the report by ENA. 

Also, police disclosed that several medications were found. 

Commander Fasika is cited as saying that no symptoms of physical trauma were found on his body. 

Addis Ababa Police said it is investigating it.  “The condition seems to suggest that it is a natural death but the autopsy result will establish the cause,” He is cited as saying. 

The Carter Center described the late John Marsh as ” a fierce advocate for human rights, justice, and democracy in East Africa and around the world. ” 




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    The war is not over, look what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia, via Egypt and zion order our people are suffering in Saudi Arabia. I am sure those Ethiopians who are being raped and tortured in Saudi Arabia, will be used to create Alqaeda, Isis, Al Shaba terrorist will try to send them back to Ethiopia via Sudan to create Tplf style terrorism against Ethiopia. Saudi had killed its own kin Yemen under orders, it is easy to do it against Ethiopians. Under Haile Selassie, Saudi had good relations with Ethiopia. If you read a book written by Yodit Gudit, this was already set up to create war between Arabs and Ethiopia for Nile. These books are written by these people long time ago and go read it. They were already setting up war between Ethiopia and Saud long time ;ago.


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