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Afar People’s Party says election was “unsuccessful trial of democracy”


Afar People's Party


In a brief statement entitled “Democratic Failure and the 6th General Election,” Afar People’s Party on Tuesday  said  that the election in Afar region of Ethiopia represents an “unsuccessful trial of democracy.” 

“In Afar Region, an Unsuccessful Trial of Democracy has took place Yesterday, and We have Forced to Let our members and supporters know that you did your best to establish a better Political, administrative and democratic system and good governance,” it said in a  statement it shared on Facebook. 

It did not,however,specify as to what exactly happened. 

The party said “We will come up with the details part of the matter but for the time being, we just want to inform the general public and global community that ‘election ‘ Does not took place in a just a fair way.” 

The party has influential leaders like Dr. Kontie and Dr. Abdella. 

Afar People’s Party is not the only party to complain about irregularities. The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) reported irregularities on Monday as the election was underway, but encouraged members and supporters to continue to contribute for the peaceful completion of the election. 

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