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Oh, Finland—Haavisto’s Homeland*

The Queen of Sheba

Oh, Finland…
the peaceable land
which nurtures the good
and rebuffs the bad

Yes, Finland…
which snubs lies
rejects shams
scorns pretenses
defends truths

Oh, No, Finland…
delivers Haavisto
who lies with gusto
deceit his motto

Haavisto, the Finn…
He concocts a fairy
A tweet bit too late—a bogus story
A tweet bit too little—to mask treachery

Haavisto, the Minister…
blinded by fantasia
mesmerizes in utopia
hallucinates on Ethiopia
contrives secession-opia

TPLF, the Humpty Dumpty…
a shell—no more smoldering
a force—no more blustering
a group—no more swaggering
in a grave yard—fast crumbling

EU, the Union…
Suckling lies from Finland
Supplemented from Ireland
Fakes genocide in the hinterland
Threatens sanctions on the motherland
To rescue Humpty from a graveyard

Ethiopia, the Nation…
Unencumbered by compulsion
Resistant to coercion
Resentful of deception
Defiant to submission
It is time for rejuvenation


June 19, 2021

*This short poem is prompted by the latest blatant and outrageous lies by Finnish Foreign Minister, Peeka Haarvisto, regarding the conflict in Ethiopia. Mr. Haarvisto has been known for his way too critical views of Ethiopia—but no one thought he would go so low in a futile attempt to help resurrect the dead TPLF cabals. 

The Queen of Sheba may be reached at QueenOfSheba2020@outlook.com | Twitter: @TheQueenofSheb5 (Twitter has suspended this account for months now, for no apparent reason, as this account is barely involved in tweets. Regrettably, it is possible that Twitter may have been duped by those who loathe its position.)


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  1. Thanks for this masterful piece.
    Another timely response from the great fighter with his mighty pen.
    Delightful , if the story weren’t so absurd. This’s what I’d asked , this big liar from Finland? Unbelievable! So uncharacteristic, so strange.


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