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Eritrean Troops withdrawing from Tigray region of Ethiopia


An Eritrean news source, on Thursday, reported that Eritrean troops have started withdrawing from the Tigray region of Ethiopia and returning home.

Eritrean troops were involved in the war against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – which the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist group recently. 

Their involvement came after the TPLF, which mobilized over 250,000 forces as part of its plan to wage war against Ethiopian troops, fired rockets targeting Asmara in November 2020. 

“Last year, the terrorist Junta had planned to overthrow the Asmara government and create a pathway for the disintegration of Ethiopia to establish an independent ‘greater’ Tigray country that consists of parts of the Eritrean and Amhara regions,”  Eritrean Press Reported. 

The source called Eritrean troops mission in Tigray region as “successful.” 

Citing its sources, the Eritrean Press added that “TPLF is dead for good, and only its name is reverberating around in the political power corridors of Washington, London and Brussels.”

The Ministry of Information of Eritrea did not remark regarding the withdrawal of Eritrean troops. 

There have been a pressure against Ethiopian government for the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray region.  

The United States and some of its European allies peddled allegations that Ethiopian and Eritrean troops obstructed humanitarian activity in the region and used “famine as a weapon of war.” 

During an informal meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Thursday this week, Eritrea rejected blame in connection with the situation in Tigray. 

“Eritrea rejects the relentless and gratuitous campaign of apportioning blame on it in order to downplay the high crimes of the defunct TPLF group.” 


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  1. Certain daily numbers are going to be unstable just like a yo-yo similar to those from here USA. The recovery rate percentage is still marching towards the ultimate threshold of 100%. It has been showing daily increases unabated for weeks now. There is one development that is worrisome here in the USA. It is the new variant Delta virus which has proved itself extremely contagious and easily transmissible. The CDC chief is worried that this new variant may evolve into something capable of evading vaccines(The CDC is concerned about the delta variant mutating to a point where it evades the existing COVID-19 vaccines, according to Walensky.) Dear countrymen/women! We are not out of the woods yet. The pandemic is still raging in many countries around the globe. Just look at the daily numbers from South America. Even UAE in the Middle East, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, the daily new cases have been in the thousands because of the new variant possibly targeting those vaccinated with the first dose and those not yet vaccinated. I am very worried for the people of the old country with this and other emerging variants just because those vaccinated account for less than 2% of the population.

  2. Dear Editors,

    Please do not post this under this topic. It was intended for your latest posting about the 14 daily deaths from the pandemic. I will re-post it under the proper topic. Sorry!

  3. David & Goliath, that is a good description of the war. The war in Tigray and how it was conducted revealed the true spiritual nature of Ethiopia and its Fear of God . It was INHUMAN to say the least. It got the better of all Ethiopians because of HATE and REVENGE. No one could afford to reason. For those who wished to see a weak Ethiopia, it was a good war.

  4. How come Amhara forces and their Oromo partners are not leaving the country? Amharas should go back to where they came from which was Hadhramaut just across the Bab-el-Mandeb strait. Oromos should leave Oromia and go back to Oromia. With these two out of the way, we can go in there and develop the unused minerals and cheap labor.
    These Eritrean soldiers are everywhere, man!! I was at a grocery store this afternoon and there was an Eritrean soldier standing at the door and he gave me a humiliating stare down. I went back home feeling disrespected and violated. Then I sat on a recliner in my back porch to enjoy the beautiful sunset and have a coffee break. When I tried to take the first seep then bam! Kapow! An Eritrean soldier suddenly popped out of the cup of coffee I was holding. They are everywhere, dude!!!!

  5. This one is very funny. A friend living in another state shot me an email with the latest story of the remnant goons of the TPLF. The story tells me how their blubber mouth spokesman Getachew Reda ran for his life when the ENDF soldiers suddenly came for him. He left behind what he and friend stole from the people of Tigray. He was caught stealing cans of sardines. No wonder why still carry two fat hotdogs on his front neck and 3 big sausages on his nape. I tell you he was so picky in his stealing. Cans of sardines? I get it! Once someone is addicted to stealing nothing is out of order! No shame whatsoever!!! It makes my blood boil when I think about this guy was once a spokesman of that country of upright people!!! Was that a case of ‘equal opportunity’ employer? What a disgrace for that gem of the colored!!!! Well, well, well!!! You may tell me once the door knob Mengistu was ‘Chairman’ and the ‘Center’ of all thinking/governing that proud and glorious country!!!! What a travesty!!!!


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