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Ethiopian Religious leaders call for peace ahead of general election

Religious council from Interfaith Council seem to see relevance in the election in terms of peace and development of Ethiopia 


The Interfaith council of Ethiopia on Thursday called for peace in Ethiopia ahead of the Sixth General Election. It conveyed a message to the people, law enforcement bodies, media outlets and religious leaders to help the effort to make the election a peaceful one. 

The Council said the election is for Ethiopia’s peace and development, and Ethiopians, especially the Youth, need to act in accordance with the law and refrain from provocative actions. 

They had a message for law enforcement bodies too. “Security and law enforcement bodies need to serve contending parties, voters and election returning officers in good faith and impartially,” it said.  

The council also advised media outlets to not share information in a way that endangers the safety of people and the peace of the country. 

Religious leaders are advised to play a mediator role to resolve possible disputes, and pray for the nation.  The Ethiopian Election is scheduled to take place at two different times. On June 21, it will take place across the country but in areas where the election is not taking place due to security or logistical problems, it will happen in early September 2021. 

It is to be recalled that before the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the council endeavored to mediate the Federal government and leaders of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

The Interfaith Council also seized the opportunity to criticize the Arab League over its remarks ( and position) as it relates to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. 

“While Ethiopia is protector of Islam from the beginning, the Arab League and its member states’ stand on the dam is unjust and that the religious council condemns it, ” it was  said, as reported by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate. 

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  1. Let’s join those faith leaders in their prayers for a peaceful national election. Bigots among us are now busy beating the drums of war and bloodshed. They have PM Abiy in their cross-hairs. They prefer the old country going belly up, destroyed to smithereens to a peaceful election. Where did these demons come from? My goodness!!! Sometimes I just think what I hear and read from them are not from someone born in the country. They don’t show any sign of human soul in them.

  2. religious leaders pray for Abiy the killer to get elected so that they could stay in power otherwise , we will dethrone them they PP cadres


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